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1. Connect your store to ShareASale

Connecting your store to ShareASale is executed through a merchant account on its platform.

Apply for account

Register an account

The merchant account can be obtained after submitting a form.

Fill the form for account
  • Navigate to ShareASale page
  • Fill out the form:
    • Basic information
      • Contact name
      • Company name
      • Phone number
      • Address
      • Country
      • City
      • State Zipcode
    • Publishing information
      • Website URL
      • Email address
    • Login information
      • Username
      • Password
  • Press Enter setup wizard
    • Write down your merchant ID

Complete your account with the setup wizard

The setup wizard is a mandatory tool to complete the account. It will guide you through the steps required.

  • Set up commissions on your sales program
  • Provide general info for affiliates
    • Write a general description of your affiliate program, products, commissions
    • Choose the category that best matches your program
    • Provide company logo (500x500 pixels max)
  • Set your program agreement & PPC rules, affiliate auto-approval, and email responders
  • Generate the tracking code for Shopify
    • Write down the tracking code
    • Install a ShareASale app into your Shopify store
    • Paste the code into the app
  • Return to Shareasale and click Begin test to check the tracking code
  • Check the setup fee and deposit payment
  • Customize your campaign
  • Activate your account

2. Create the product feed

Before connecting your store to the ShareASale network, you need to create and configure the feed.

Generate the product feed
  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Shareasale to generate the feed. The feed is created in CSV format
  • Select General tab
    • Give a unique Feed Internal Name
    • Provide a unique Filename of exported CSV file
    • Set Product Category / Collection. In this field, you need to specify a ShareAsale category. Start typing to find the available options for the ShareAsale category name in the drop-down list.
    • Type in your merchant ID (find this ID in the top left corner of your merchant account)
    • Set Applied Filters if needed (see Filter exported products)
    • Specify Translation language if needed (see Translate the feed)
  • Configure the Google Analytics tab if required to track visitors from the marketplace
  • Put Feed status to active
  • Press Save
  • Click Generate now
  • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block. You will paste this link on Shareasale site

You can add optional columns to your feed by clicking Customize Feed and modifying the default CSV template.

3. Upload the feed to ShareASale

To start promoting your products on ShareASale, you need to upload the feed to its server.

Submit the product feed

ShareASale has a limit of 31 feed updates per month when it is synchronized automatically.

  • Log in to your ShareASale merchant account
  • Navigate to My Creatives > Datafeed
  • Upload the CSV feed file
  • Wait for the feed to be parsed and check the final product listing

You may upload the feed over FTP when having a merchant’s FTP access. Contact ShareAsale support to obtain this access. Having the FTP login and password, configure the Upload settings tab in Omega Shopping Feed app to FTP Server on port 21.