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1. Connect your store to Shopping24

Connecting your store to Shopping24 is executed through a merchant account on its platform.

The merchant account can be obtained after contacting the Shopping24 manager.

Navigate to the Shopping24 page and provide the required information on your shop and inquiry.

2. Create the product feed

Configure the feed to submit it to the Shopping24 network.

Generate the product feed
  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Shopping24 to generate the feed. The feed is created in CSV format
  • Select General tab
  • Configure Attributes tab
    • Set Delivery Costs (amount of money customers will pay for the delivery of their order)
    • Set Delivery Time (approximate time customers will have to wait for delivery of their order)
    • Chose variant option for size. The app will automatically search for the size among variant options if you select the Size option.
    • Select variant option for color. The app automatically searches for color among variant options if the Color option is selected.
    • Set the target age group of your products
  • Configure the Google Analytics tab if required to track visitors from the marketplace
  • Put Feed status to active
  • Press Save
  • Click Generate now
  • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block. You will paste this link to the Shopping24 site

You can add optional columns to your feed by clicking Customize Feed and modifying the default CSV template.

3. Upload the feed to Shopping24

To start promoting your products on Shopping24, you must upload the feed to its server.

Submit the product feed
  • Contact your Shopping24 manager
  • Provide a URL to your CSV feed file
  • Wait for the feed to be checked