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Filter exported products

Filters allow excluding products from the feed if they meet specific criteria. For example, skip out of stock products, products without images, disabled products, etc.


1. Create a new filter

You may create multiple filters to be used in different feeds.

  • Navigate to the Filters section of the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app;
  • Press the Add Filter button;
  • Set the Name of the filter.

2. Configure filter conditions

You can flexibly configure filtering conditions by combining logical operators AND / OR in filter rules.

  • Select AND / OR as a logical condition for the filtering rule;
  • Click Add rule to add one filter rule or Add Group to create additional condition groups to make filter rules more flexible.

You can nest filter rules and groups. Each group of conditions enables its own AND / OR logical operator.

  • Select an item attribute to be checked in the rule. For example, product price.
Available attributes in filter rules

Filter conditions can use next attributes:

  • In Stock
  • Product ID
  • SKU
  • Variant SKU
  • Title
  • Vendor
  • Product Type
  • Tag
  • Price
  • Specify the comparing operator. For example, less or equal or greater or equal;

  • Set the value for the checked attribute. For example, 100;

  • Click the Save button after configuring conditions.

3. Set filter status

Already configured filters can be disabled to prevent their accidental usage in feeds.

  • Set Filter status to Active for the filter to be available for usage. Use Inactive to disable the filter.

4. Apply the filter in the feed

For each feed, you can configure an individual set of applied filters. Only filters with Active status will be available.

  • Navigate to the feed to which the filter is to be applied;
  • Check the filters you need for the feed in the Applied filters block.