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What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook.com is a social media channel belonging to Meta technology company. Meta has existed since 2004, attracting billions of visitors. In 2016, the company created Facebook Marketplace - a selling platform within the social network. Since then, the marketplace has attracted billions of customers and millions of sellers from more than 200 regions worldwide.

The United States is a top country sending shoppers to the shopping engine. Vietnam, Poland, the Philippines, and the UK also bring many customers to the marketplace. Among visitors, 53.65% are men, while 46.35% are women. The largest age group among users falls between 25 - 34 years old. The top categories of audience interests are furniture, fashion, electronics, and video games. Merchants also display home appliances, books, sports inventory, kids' goods, pet supplies, jewelry, etc.

The primary traffic source is Direct traffic, accounting for 82.97% of desktop visits. Organic Search is the second-largest source, contributing 11.82% of the traffic. facebookmarketplace.com's traffic has increased by 9.55% compared to last month (Desktop).


What you get with Facebook

Facebook provides tools for you to build the perfect audience for your ads. You can target Facebook ads by location, demographics, age, gender, education level, job title, income, political affiliation, recent purchases, life events, interests, behavior, etc. Users are more likely to click on ads they see on Facebook, making this platform the single best-performing ad type for eCommerce.

For those who wish to get a more personalized interface, there is a Facebook Shop option. Merchants can manage all their operations on their Shop page. Due to the provided data on customer behavior and product performance, sellers can optimize strategies and offerings.

Facebook Buy-and-Sell Group is any group on Facebook with an enabled Buy-and-Sell feature. Sellers can display their products or ads there to grow store's or brand's awareness.

Facebook allows customers to leave reviews and recommendations on your Page. Good feedback from customers can make you look more trustworthy and draw in more people who might want to buy from you.

Engagement opportunities

Facebook provides various tools for engagement, including comments, likes, shares, and direct messaging. It allows sellers to interact with customers, answer questions, and build relationships.

Creative freedom

You can make your products look interesting and get noticed by using pictures, videos, and live streams. It helps you stand out from others who are selling similar things.

Facebook store Shopify connection

Generate the product feed that meets all the requirements for Facebook Ads using our Shopify app. Then, in a few clicks, get a link for the feed or download the file. Paste the feed URL that our app provides into your Facebook Business Manager account or upload the feed file over FTP/SFTP. More detailed instructions on how to sell on Facebook with Facebook shopping feeds can be found in our Blog article.

In the Mulwi app, you'll discover a pre-configured Facebook Dynamic Ad feed template with essential attributes as a default setting. However, you have the flexibility to personalize it further using filters.

This template allows you to incorporate products with customized prices using the Shopify Price Lists feature. You can add the relevant Price List to your product feed.

To target a global audience, utilize prices generated through Shopify market functionality. Select the specific Shopify market you want to include in your product feed.

Moreover, you can tailor the Facebook feed to suit local markets by connecting various translation services such as Google Translate, Weglot, or Shopify translation apps.

The Mulwi support team is always available to assist with any technical queries or other concerns you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out for help.

Frequently asked questions

What is Facebook Ads feed?

It is a file with all the information about your products used for promotion and advertising.

Why should I use an app for my Facebook feed?

The app provides Facebook feeds that meet all the shopping engine`s specifications. Besides, it is faster to customize the feed in the app using various features than by hand. It saves you time and effort.

Why should I connect my store to Facebook?

Facebook brings in billions of users each month, and millions of them can see your ads. It's one of the best places to reach more people and sell more.

Will Facebook ads show on Instagram?

Yes. When you make a Facebook marketing campaign, your ads will show up on Instagram by default.

Why Facebook ads are effective?

Putting ads on Facebook can make more people see your brand, and it can bring more visitors to your website.

Where are Facebook ads displayed?

Ads appear in two places on Facebook: in your news feed and on the right side of the page. People who might want to buy something can see them there.

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Great support from Alexei who worked hard to get everything to work for us. We have a quite complex setup with a Shopify Markets store but they managed to get the feeds to work with CDON after some trial and error. I can gladly recommend Omega Commerce!
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It was a rocky start due to issues between Etsy and Omega but the level of customer service I've received has been second to none (Alexei has been amazing). Super simple to use and navigate, does exactly what it says it does.
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Amazing support. Needed to change AWIN feed, and it was like: explain the task – done! Highly recommend!
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Very powerful product feed app, with lots of flexibility for anything you want to connect your catalogue to.
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I needed some help with the setup regarding the filters. Andrii quickly advised and helped me via chat support. So far I'm super happy with everything.
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Really great app with amazing support. I've set the app up to run an Awin feed, when I asked some more technical questions about Google Merchant I not only got a speedy reply, but the two things I asked about were done. Recommended!
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites