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What is is a prominent comparison engine operating in Greece. It serves as a platform where sellers can sell their products to customers across the country.

The platform offers electronics, fashion, home appliances, beauty, sports, and more. With a wide array of options available, sellers can offer their merchandise to a broad customer base. The site enables them to reach a larger audience and maximize their sales potential. emphasizes competitive pricing, enabling sellers to offer their products at attractive prices to potential buyers. The platform provides secure payment options and reliable shipping services. The site ensures a smooth and trustworthy buying experience for customers.


Why join

Joining as a seller offers numerous benefits and advantages for your business. attracts a large number of online shoppers in Greece. By joining the platform, you gain access to a broad customer base. This expanded reach increases your chances of attracting more potential buyers and driving sales.

The platform regularly promotes sellers and their products through various marketing channels. This includes featuring top sellers, showcasing special offers, and running targeted promotional campaigns. These marketing initiatives help boost your visibility, attract more customers, and increase the likelihood of making sales. simplifies the selling process, making it efficient and hassle-free. The site helps you to manage your inventory, update product information, track orders, and handle customer inquiries. This streamlines your operations and saves you valuable time and effort.

The site provides dedicated support to sellers, assisting with any questions or concerns. Their customer support team helps you navigate the platform, resolve disputes, and optimize your selling strategies.

Diverse product categories

From electronics, fashion, and home appliances to beauty, sports, and more. This broad range of product categories allows you to reach a diverse customer base. You may target specific niche markets within the platform.

Market leader in Greece is popular because 5.1M people visit the website. It is the leading marketplace in Greece and a preferred choice for buyers and sellers.

How to sell on

To register an account on, navigate to the seller registration page. Fill out the required information, including your business details and contact information. Await approval from the team. You will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

Simplify providing the product list by using the Mulwi app. With a pre-configured template, you can easily use a feed for Here's how:

  • In the app, click on the "Add Feed" button.
  • From the list of available templates, select the feed template. The template meets all the comparison platform requirements.
  • Submit the feed to

You can customize your product feed according to your needs. Set the internal name and file name, apply filters, and specify details like color and weight. Tailor the feed to your needs and optimize its content for the

Effectively showcase your products on the marketplace by including all custom product fields. Export your items with comprehensive details, including variant-specific information like color. By enabling the Index Metafields Data option, you can include additional fields. This helps you create a detailed and comprehensive presentation of your products.

With Mulwi, you can simplify feed creation and ensure compliance with marketplace requirements.

Our customers speak for us

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La La Land Store Portugal
We use it to create custom feeds with metafields data incorporated. A very reliable solution. Support is fast and very helpfull.
Couldn't be happier with this app and the customer service. Alexei was able to create a custom template to fit our needs in a very short amount of time.
review logo
Fantastic app, helped us to integrate into several platforms without any issues. Outstanding support! All questions answered for where we were stuck how integrate certain tags into the feed, or only parts of tags.
review logo
Living Simply House United Kingdom
It was a rocky start due to issues between Etsy and Omega but the level of customer service I've received has been second to none (Alexei has been amazing). Super simple to use and navigate, does exactly what it says it does.
Easy to use, I can't complain about anything. Everything works great. When I needed help changing the flow, I got quick support. Now everything works the way I want it to work.
review logo
ParrishLA USA
We had continuous issues integrating with Stylight due to incorrect image positions uploading through our feed. We were able to achieve a custom XML feed that selected specific images to upload to Stylight and help our store get approved. Omega Commerce was quick to respond and helped set everything up which saved us a bunch of time and frustration. This was a months long issue solved in literally 3 days- amazing!!
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites