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Our app allows to export data from your store using XML, CSV, TXT feeds.

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Grow business by expanding your sale channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks, price aggregators, and product comparison sites


Export your products to 200+ major marketplaces

Our app has ready to use templates to create feeds for all major shopping platforms. Create a feed in a few clicks.


No limits for your business. Any customisation is possible.

Customize exported data according to your requirements. Use dynamic conditions, logic rules, filters.


Import orders to Shopify

Import orders from marketplaces to Shopify and manage all orders in one place.



Grow business by expanding your sale channels with always up to date product feed. Our app automatically refreshes the feed on any change in your store regarding products. Whether it is a new product in your catalog, price or stock quantity renewal - our app ensures the data in your feed is always up to date.


Pre-installed Feed Templates

Our app can export your products to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks, price aggregators, and product comparison sites. If you can't find the required pre-installed template, we will create it for you for FREE.



Each feed can have its own set of products. You can create your own product filters that specify which products should be included in the feed. For example, you may want to exclude out-of-stock products from the feed or export only products from specific category.


Custom Feeds

Each feed template can be modified by adding or removing fields, product variables, and static values. The output can also be updated via Shopify liquid filters. You can create a custom feed based on your requirements in XML, Excel XLSX or CSV/TXT formats.


Currency converter

Match up prices in your store and in the foreing marketplace you are selling. Product prices in the feed can be automatically converted in any currency you need. Choose the exchange rate from a most convenient source: Shopify or European Central Bank.


Dynamic Conditions and Dynamic Expressions

Create new attributes based on specific flexible conditions. For example, you can create a Shipping Price attribute that will output delivery costs in the feed based on product price conditions.



After enabling this option in the Global Settings, you will be able to export all available product Metafields in the feeds and integrations.


Translation Service

Translate the selected feeds via Weglot or Google Translate services. Alternatively, utilize your existing Shopify store frontend translation created with a translator app


Price Lists

Override your default prices for specific marketplaces. Fill product feed with prices from a pricing list you have created in your Shopify store.


Shopify markets

Easily adapt your product feeds to international sales. The app supports Shopify markets functionality, allowing you to localize prices in your product feed list to foreing market.


Stock location

Display product quantity available at specific warehouse. This can be handy for optimizing your logistics, if you intend to ship regionally from your nearest stock location.


Data Mapping

The store category names aren't always the same as those used by marketplaces to reference your products. For example, Google Shopping requires to use Google Product Taxonomy. Our app makes the process of matching categories from your store to marketplace product taxonomy much easier with data mapping functionality.


AI Data Mapping

Map product categories even faster and easier by letting the AI to do it for you. Even a store with several dozens categories can be mapped in a second with the AI Data Mapping functionality.


Password protection

Protect the access to your product feed URL with a password. Only those who have the credentials can access your product feed, making your feed resistive to unauthorized copying.


Shopify Liquid support

Use a template language Shopify Liquid to make your product feeds more flexible. Add logic conditions, data converters, and other dynamic content.Use Liquid Filters to strip html in product title or description, convert currency, resize images, replace or prepend text in a string, etc.


Feed file archiving and compression

Stores with a large product catalog may benefit from the ability to compress their feeds in a ZIP format. Archived file takes less disk space, meaning it will be uploaded faster by the marketplace.


Email notifications

Always know the status of your product feed. Get the email notifications for two major events: the feed generation and the feed upload statuses.


Meta Title and Meta Description support

Use the existing meta title and meta description from your store. Include this data in your product feed for better SEO.


Quality Control

Spend less time figuring why your product feed is rejecred by the marketplace. Easily see major issues with your feed in a Quality Control tab.


Export variant option names and values

Make the Variant Option variables to be correctly displayed in your store and in your product feed. In addtition to the Variant Option variable value you can include the Variant Option variable name.


Feed Preview

Get better understanding of your feed by analizing it in a user-friendly preview window. With a new preview style you will not be overwhelmed by text and numbers. You will get a feed preview in a human readable form.

Friendly user documentation

Create feeds easyly with the step-by-step user guide that will navigate you through configuration of any feed you want.

Major marketplaces have individual pages explaining how to set up a feed specifically for them. App's userguide will also give you a walktrhough on how to use all its features, including product category mapping and feed translation.

Find answers to common feed related problems in the Mulwi documentation.


Our customers speak for us

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InnoviTechie Greece
review logo
La La Land Store Portugal
We use it to create custom feeds with metafields data incorporated. A very reliable solution. Support is fast and very helpfull.
review logo
PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
review logo
Ascopharm Germany
We are super happy with the app and how the support team helped us set up our google shopping feed. We contacted them with numerous custom adjustments and they implemted every single one within no time. 100% recommend this app.
review logo
Gaukpigiau Lithuania
Very helpful! been using for over 2 years now. Highly recommended. Great support good functionality. Must have to expand your sales channels.
review logo
Shop Statik United States
Amazing support. Needed to change AWIN feed, and it was like: explain the task – done! Highly recommend!
review logo
FINDRA Clothing United Kingdom
Really great app with amazing support. I've set the app up to run an Awin feed, when I asked some more technical questions about Google Merchant I not only got a speedy reply, but the two things I asked about were done. Recommended!
review logo
Time Resistance Lithuania
The customer service was amazing and solved my issue right away; I love it when I can discuss and solve problems in the live chat rather than exchanging numerous emails. thank you again!
Easy to use, I can't complain about anything. Everything works great. When I needed help changing the flow, I got quick support. Now everything works the way I want it to work.
review logo
Poolpirat Germany
Very fast support. I can highly recommend this app. We use it with custom Feeds for and

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Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites