Start selling your products at any marketplace you need in just a few clicks.

Export your products in a glance

Simple yet flexible feed generation for any marketplace

With our Shopify application, shopping feeds management becomes an easy task. The application automatically exports the data from your shop's catalog to the selected shopping service.

Use the default template or modify the default parameters to create a feed that suits your needs. Add filters and map the corresponding categories of your store to perfectly adapt to the shopping service requirements.

Filter out irrelevant products

Fill your feed with the products you need

Use filters to configure which products should be included into the feed. For example, exclude items that are out of stock or don't have a product image.

Each feed can have its own set of filters. You can create individual product filters to specify the products that have to be included in the particular feed.

Use combinations of filtering rules to create complex conditions for filling up the shopping feed.

You can, for example, create a condition that will include in your online shopping feeds only products within a certain price range, from specific vendors, and of a specific product type.

Our module gives you unlimited filtering options. Filter by using attributes for parent and child products. Group rules to create even more flexible conditions that are especially user-friendly.

Set an unlimited number of filters to flexibly apply them to any product feed your store has.

Automated product feed generation

Minimal manual intervention for shopping feed generation

Main work on the shopping feed optimization is done by the means of this module. You don't need to manually edit any XML or CSV files when using preconfigured templates. The feed is generated automatically using the information provided by you.

Generation and uploading of the shopping feeds are executed in a moment. Submit shopping feed URL to the marketplace and get a flow of new customers.

Once submitted to the marketplace, your feeds will be automatically updated to reflect the changes to the products in your store.

You can connect the product catalog of your store to a marketplace that is not in the list of those currently supported by our app. Mulwi Shopping Feed allows connecting product feeds to access the shopping engines that support feeds in the file format. Craft a custom XML or CSV file for the feed based on the marketplace specifications.

If you need any help with submitting a feed to a marketplace, please contact our support team. We will be glad to help you.


Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Precisely target your product niche

Present your products in the categories you need on any marketplace

Visitors of global marketplaces will be able to find your products in the exact categories they expect.

Overcome the differences in the category tree of your shop and a shopping engine with category mapping option.

For any feed, match the internal product taxonomy of your store by specifying similar external categories your products should belong to.

Easy feed product feed set up

Creating a new product feed doesn't require much time

You are free to set up the product feed the way you need. Use the options available in the feed configuration menu to set the feed's internal name, file name, map categories, limit on the maximal number of included products, applied filters. Specify the details for the marketplace the feed is designed to, such as the genders for which your products are intended and age group of customers for these products.

Add UTM codes to the products in your shopping feed to track their marketing success with the help of Google Analytics.

Use the template customization option to modify the feed even more thoroughly.

Full feed customization

Make any modifications to the feed file

You have the full power of generating the product feed the way you need by directly editing the feed template. Create a duplicate of any existing feed to use it as a template or start from scratch with empty template.

Use provided liquid patterns to flexibly manipulate product data. For example, you can export products within a certain weight range, add shipping costs, etc.

Support for uploading of product custom fields

Present your products in all details on the marketplace

You can export to the marketplace items with all custom product fields you added to them. For example, you sell one item in several variants of color and you want to distinct such variant in the feed. Use the Index Metafields Data option to allow Mulwi Shopping Feed to include such additional fields to the product feed.

Preview your feed

Check the feed before uploading

Make sure you have the feed you want before uploading it to a marketplace or shopping engine. Check the title of your store, links to the products, their text description and attached images, verify the price and category mapping correctness.

Click on the preview link to check if your product feed meets all the technical requirements of the shopping service. Preview the feed with any file type: XML, CSV, TXT.

Upload your products to almost any marketplace

You are not limited to 200+ shopping engines

Our Mulwi Shopping Feeds app is very flexible and doesn't limit you to the list of supported marketplaces. You can add any shopping engine you need by manually creating a product feed for it.

Modify the provided feed template to adapt the shopping feed to the requirements of the shopping engine. Use variables and filters to flexibly fill the feed with products you need. For the feeds in XML format additionally apply Liquid tags to use programming that controls the execution logic of the template.

Contact our support team to help you with the custom product feed creation and uploading data to the shopping service it is aimed for.

Automatic feed upload

Always provide the most recent product feed

You don't need to worry about the shopping feed update when making changes to your product catalog. Configure the automatic feed uploading to the shopping service. The shopping feed can be updated as reguarly as every hour and up to 24-hour update cycle.

Use the FTP/SFTP connection to set up the automatic product feed uploading. Check the uploading channel with the respective button to make sure the connection works perfectly.

For stores that seldom make changes to their product catalog, the automatic product feed can be disabled.

Immediately reindex product catalog changes

Don't waste time waiting a scheduled feed update

Product feed update normally happens by schedule, which can be inconvenient in some cases, for example, short-timed special propositions. Our app allows you to reflect changes in your product catalog immediately without waiting for the scheduled update.

Let your customers know about changes in your product catalog almost instantly as they occur. Override the automatic update schedule by reindexing the refreshed product feed manually.

Additional statistics and tracking

Get more information on the effectiveness of your feed

In addition to the statistics provided by the marketplace, you can track how many conversions you had for some of your feeds. For those marketplaces that accept URLs of the feeds, our module can track the number of shoppers that visited your site.

Brings customer right to the product

Customers will find what they are interested in

One item can have several variants with different colors, size, etc. Our module allows you to generate such a product feed that shows customers the item page with the product variant they want. If a customer is looking for orange shorts of XL size, he or she will be brought to them, and not to the shorts of any other color and size

Our support team will help you

Get help when you need it

You can always count on help with any problems regarding product feeds. Contact our Mulwi support team to get solutions on making relevant shopping feeds for your store.

Enhance your product feeds with required customization by requesting new features for our app for supported marketplaces. Get a product feed for shopping engines beyond the list of currently supported services.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites