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· 15 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

When looking up for an additional sales channel for your Shopify store in Europe get to know more about Idealo - a price comparison website based in Germany, which works in Six European countries.

Joining your Shopify store to Idealo has now become easier than ever, thanks to a new partnership between Idealo and Mulwi app.


Get 20% discont on Idealo fee

Idealo offers a 20% discount on its services for first 8 weeks for Mulwi app users. This discounted CPC commission rate is valid until 30.04.2023. Register.

Selling on Idealo can benefit a store in several ways:

  • with millions of users searching for products every day on Idealo, a store can increase its visibility.
  • listing products on this platform, a store can tap into its large customer base and potentially attract new customers.
  • get higher conversion rates, since Idealo users are often ready to make a purchase. The average session duration in 2023 is 07 minutes 16 seconds, which tells about high interest of users to offerings on this marketplace.
  • obtain valuable insights into customer behavior, such as search terms, product preferences, and pricing trends. This information can be used to optimize product listings, pricing strategies, and overall sales performance.

· 33 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

People from Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina can become your customers with the help of a product feed file. Using this file you can easily connect your Shopify store to Heureka marketplace, and start selling in these Central and Eastern European countries.

About 30% of merchants who sells online in Central and Eastern Europe expected up to 20% growth in revenue in 2022 compared to 2021.


· 20 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

People from the Nordic region can become your customers with the help of a product feed file. This region is one of the most sparsely populated on the planet, and people from there are accustomed to distance trading. This is one of the reasons why Nordics is considered the second biggest ecommerce market in Europe.

You can easily start selling in Nordic countries by uploading your product catalog to CDON marketplace, which is a popular shopping place for people from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Norway was the country with the highest online shopping reach in 2021, while, Sweden generated the highest e-commerce revenue.

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· 22 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

Your existing product feed can bring revenue to your Shopify store if you adapt it to international sales. The exact figure will depend on multiple factors, including the countries you plan to sell in. In some countries, like Australia, the majority of shoppers (64%) buy from foreign sellers, while only 15% of Indian and Japanese shoppers buy outside their country. But in general, up to 40% of online shoppers buy products from sellers in another country. That is your opportunity to greatly increase your shopper base and revenue.


· 46 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

A large audience is vital for any online store, and businesses have to increase their audience number to increase sales. Sales and audience numbers are closely related through the conversion parameter. It shows how many visitors of your store purchased something from you.

The average conversion rate in 2022 is 1.62 percent, which means that if your store has 10 000 visitors/month, you may expect 162 orders/month. If you want 1620 orders/month, you will need at least 100 000 visitors/month.


So if an online store wants to increase its sales, it has to increase its audience. Gaining audience organically is a very hard task, but there is a shortcut: use existing audiences of potential shoppers.

How can a Shopify store quickly increase its audience and, therefore, sales? It can utilize a product feed and ready available audiences of online marketplaces, like Google Shopping, Idealo, Fruugo, TikTok, PriceSpy and dozens of other.

· 23 min read
Eugen Barilyuk

A store can sell one product in a packaging of different quantity. For example, wall paint may be sold in cans of 1, 10 or 20 liters. In such case the product title will be identical as this is one product placed in smaller or bigger wrapping.

You can make such products more informative by placing the quantity in the product title. Customers could be able to understand the difference between identical products more easily.

· 27 min read
Oleksii Tyshkevych
Eugen Barilyuk

There are top-10 features that make a great product page, and one of them is to feature detailed product information. In your Shopify store you can go beyond standard list of fields for products, like item's title, its description, images, price, SKU, and so forth.

The attribute list above is great for most products. However, some items require non-standard attributes for their full presentation on the product page. For example, it could be a sensitivity value for headphones, material of the dress, charging current for a wall charger, calories for the candy, burn time for a candle, product expiration date, product ingredients, etc.

So, how do you list non-standard product attributes on a product page of a Shopify store? The answer is metafields (also known as custom fields).

· 7 min read
Oleksii Tyshkevych
Eugen Barilyuk

If you want rapid revenue growth for your store, ShareASale is a suitable tool for the task. This affiliate network has generated 194 million sales in 2021, which resulted in $16 billion in revenue for merchants.

All you need to start on ShareASale is a product feed - a file with information on your products, including prices, availability, size, color, etc.

The ShareASale marketplace has a typical product feed in a CSV format. However, placing your products exactly into the categories they belong to may be troublesome if you want to map them manually. Here is how OmegaCommerce Shopping Feed solves the problem for you.