When looking up for an additional sales channel for your Shopify store in Europe get to know more about Idealo - a price comparison website based in Germany, which works in Six European countries.

Joining your Shopify store to Idealo has now become easier than ever, thanks to a new partnership between Idealo and Mulwi app.


Selling on Idealo can benefit a store in several ways:

  • with millions of users searching for products every day on Idealo, a store can increase its visibility.
  • listing products on this platform, a store can tap into its large customer base and potentially attract new customers.
  • get higher conversion rates, since Idealo users are often ready to make a purchase. The average session duration in 2023 is 07 minutes 16 seconds, which tells about high interest of users to offerings on this marketplace.
  • obtain valuable insights into customer behavior, such as search terms, product preferences, and pricing trends. This information can be used to optimize product listings, pricing strategies, and overall sales performance.

What is Idealo.de

Idealo is one of the leading price comparison portals in Europe. With more than 76 million page views per month, we are the price expert in online retail and, as one of Europe's largest performance marketing channels, we deliver high-quality traffic to more than 50,000 merchants every day, helping them to grow.

Our users are able to compare up to 500 million offers on idealo and find out more by reading reviews and user opinions. We are present in six European countries, including Germany, Austria, the UK, Spain, Italy and France. We reach millions of shoppers and offer merchants a wide reach.

In addition to this reach, there are other benefits for you as a merchant: the quality of our traffic is significantly higher than traffic from other performance marketing channels. The users who come to your site through our price comparison features are at the lower end of the decision making funnel. This means that you will always receive highly qualified traffic, giving you a very good cost-to-sales ratio. The quick and easy onboarding process makes working with idealo even more attractive and profitable.


Our merchant backend (idealo Business) gives you extensive performance data. Listing in the idealo app, which has already been downloaded more than 18 million times in Germany, is another major advantage. Other idealo features such as price alerts and watch lists increase the loyalty and durability of users' purchasing decisions.

In summary, it can be said that it is currently particularly attractive for merchants to work with idealo. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that 82% of Germans state that they want to compare prices more often, and idealo offers them a large reach and a user-friendly platform for this purpose. Accordingly, sales of price comparisons are growing in contrast to the overall e-commerce market in Germany.

With our comprehensive data and focus on quality and service, idealo is the ideal partner for merchants who want to take their business to the next level.

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Idealo brand profile

A brand recognition for Idealo by users in Germany has been on the high level of 88% in 2022, as reported by Statista. The usage share of Idealo in Germany is 44%, with 50% of those who know the brand using it.


Additionally, in August 2022, 26% of German price comparison portal users had heard about idealo in the media, on social media, or in advertising over the past three months, which corresponds to 30% of those who were aware of the brand at the time of the survey.

In terms of popularity, 59% of those who are aware of the brand expressed their liking for it, while 52% of German price comparison portal users in total have a favorable view of Idealo.

As for user loyalty, 39% of users are likely to use Idealo again, indicating a high level of brand loyalty of 89% among its users.

Mulwi partners with Idealo to give you the best product feed

A high-quality product feed is a proven method for getting more customers and sales. However, due to specifics of each marketplace, getting such a feed may be cumbersome for a Shopify store owner.

The partnership between Idealo.de and Mulwi app ensures your product feed will be fully comprehensible with the technical specification of this marketplace. At the same time, you get a flexible tool to present your products in a way you find best.

For example, attract customers by presenting your products in their native language. Product descriptions, product titles and other information are easily translated with the Mulwi app.

Additionally, get more customers by accurately placing your products in corresponding product categories on Idealo. Omit situations when, for example, a smartphone is placed in clothing category instead of electronics. With the category mapping functionality you can easily connect categories of your Shopify store to Idealo categories.


Tap into the thriving European online market in with the help of a product feed file and Idealo comparison. With more than 76 million page views per month, Idealo is one of Europe's largest performance marketing channels, delivering high-quality traffic to over 50,000 merchants daily.

By listing your products on this platform, you can increase your store's visibility in several European countries, attract new customers, and enjoy higher conversion rates thanks to Idealo's ready-to-buy user base.

And now, selling on Idealo has become even easier thanks to a partnership with Mulwi app. Get a product feed that fully meets all requirements of this German-based marketplace. Additionally, don't miss out on the opportunity to customize your product feed and present your products in even more appealing way to bring more customers.