If you want rapid revenue growth for your store, ShareASale is a suitable tool for the task. This affiliate network has generated 194 million sales in 2021, which resulted in $16 billion in revenue for merchants.

All you need to start on ShareASale is a product feed - a file with information on your products, including prices, availability, size, color, etc.

The ShareASale marketplace has a typical product feed in a CSV format. However, placing your products exactly into the categories they belong to may be troublesome if you want to map them manually. Here is how Mulwi Shopping Feeds solves the problem for you.


Product feed for ShareASale requires a tedious process of choosing the category and subcategory. This is not a problem if you sell one type of product. However, specifying categories accordingly to the ShareASale requirements will require a lot of time for merchants who sell multiple product types.

Of course, we couldn't leave our customers without a technical solution. Mulwi Shopping Feeds app simplifies the ShareASale feed generation to a few clicks.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is a large North American service that connects merchants and news/blog website owners in order to promote their products. This approach is called affiliate marketing.

ShareASale, part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups, is used by more than 21 200 merchants who promote their products on more than 241 000 publisher sites.

The affiliate marketing group ShareASale, to which the company belongs, has generated $16 billion in revenue for merchants and $1.3 billion for its publishers globally.

How the category mapping in ShareASale feed became easy

Any eCommerce store can join ShareASale by providing a product feed, which is an ordinary feed file in CSV format.

However, the ShareASale requirements for category mapping make creating it rather tedious.

The marketplace requires each product to have a Category and a Subcategory. ShareASale provides a list of allowed values for each of these two data fields. A product feed should contain the data for Category and Subcategory only from that list.

Typically the Category and Subcategory are strings, but ShareASale accepts only integer values for these data fields from the lists below:

ShareASale product categories

The following integer values represent product Categories on Shareasale.com:

1: Art/Media/Performance
  2: Auto/Boat/Plane
  3: Books/Reading
  4: Business/Services
  5: Computer
  6: Electronics
  7: Entertainment
  8: Fashion
  9: Food/Beverage
  10: Gifts/Specialty
  11: Home/Family
  16: Metaphysical
  17: Parts/Equipment
  12: Personal Care
  13: Sports/Outdoors
  14: Toys/Games
  15: Travel

ShareASale subcategories

The following integer values correspond to a ShareASale product Subcategory:

Art/Media/Performance Subcategories
    1: Art
    2: Photography
    3: Posters/Prints
    4: Music
    5: Music Instruments
    187: Art Supplies
  Auto/Boat/Plane Subcategories
    6: Accessories
    7: Car Audio
    8: Cleaning/Care
    9: Motorcycles
    10: Misc.
    11: Repair
    12: Parts
  Books/Reading Subcategories
    13: Art
    14: Careers
    15: Business
    16: Childrens
    17: Computers
    18: Crafts/Hobbies
    19: Education
    20: Engineering
    21: Gifts
    22: Health
    23: History
    24: Fiction
    25: Law
    26: Magazines
    27: Financial
    28: Medical
    29: Office
    30: Real Estate
    31: Misc.
    164: Religious
    173: Science/Nature
  Business/Services Subcategories
    32: Advertising
    33: Motivational
    34: Coupons/Freebies
    35: Financial
    36: Loans
    37: Office
    38: Careers
    39: Mis.
    179: Education
  Computer Subcategories
    40: Hardware
    41: Software
    42: Instruction
    43: Handheld/Wireless
    162: Web Hosting
  Electronics Subcategories
    44: Audio
    45: Video
    46: Camera
    47: Wireless
  Entertainment Subcategories
    48: Audio
    49: Video
    50: DVD
    51: Laser Disc
    52: Sheet Music
    53: Crafts/Hobbies
    184: Tickets
  Fashion Subcategories
    54: Boys
    55: Clearance
    56: Vintage
    57: Girls
    58: Mens
    59: Womens
    60: Maternity
    61: Footware
    62: Accessories
    63: Baby/Infant
    64: Jewelry
    65: Lingerie
    66: Plus-Size
    67: Athletic
    161: T-Shirts
    166: Big And Tall
    168: Petite
    169: Unisex
    172: Costumes
  Food/Beverage Subcategories
    68: Baked Goods
    69: Beverages
    70: Chocolate
    71: Cheese/Condiments
    72: Coupons
    73: Diet
    74: International
    75: Gifts/Gift Baskets
    76: Nuts
    77: Cookies/Desserts
    78: Organic
    163: Tobacco
    176: Gourmet
    177: Meals/Complete Dishes
    180: Appetizers
    181: Soups
  Gifts/Specialty Subcategories
    79: Anniversary
    80: Birthday
    81: Misc. Holiday
    82: Collectibles
    83: Coupons
    84: Executive Gifts
    85: Flowers
    86: Baskets
    87: Greeting Card
    88: Baby/Infant
    89: Party
    90: Religious
    91: Sympathy
    92: Valentine's Day
    93: Wedding
    170: Personalized
  Home/Family Subcategories
    94: Bed/Bath
    95: Garden
    96: Cleaning/Care
    97: Furniture
    98: Home Décor
    99: Home Improvement
    100: Kitchen
    101: Pets
  Metaphysical Subcategories
    160: Metaphysical
  Parts/Equipment Subcategories
    167: HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning)
    171: Medical
    182: Military
  Personal Care Subcategories
    102: Cosmetics
    103: Exercise/Wellness
    104: Safety
    183: Medical
  Sports/Outdoors Subcategories
    105: Accessories
    106: Auto
    107: Outdoors/Camping
    108: Parlor/Backyard Games
    109: Baseball/Softball
    110: Cricket
    111: Billiards
    112: Boating
    113: Body Building/Fitness
    114: Bowling
    115: Boxing
    116: Canoeing
    117: Climbing/Mountaineering
    118: Cycling
    119: Diving
    120: Field Hockey
    121: Skating
    122: Fishing
    123: Football
    124: Frisbee
    125: Golf
    126: Gymnastics
    127: Hockey
    128: Horses
    129: Hunting
    130: In-line Skating
    131: Kayaking
    132: Lacrosse
    133: Martial Arts
    134: Racquetball
    135: Running
    136: Skateboards
    137: Ski/Snowboard
    138: Soccer
    139: Surfing
    140: Tennis
    141: Teamware / Logo
    142: Volleyball
    143: Wrestling
    165: Birding
    174: Prospecting/Treasure Hunting
    175: Swimming
    178: Basketball
  Toys/Games Subcategories
    144: Action
    145: Animals
    146: Baby/Infant
    147: Board Games
    148: Card/Casino
    149: Electronic
    150: Educational
    151: Magic
    152: Misc.
    153: Musical
    154: Outdoor
    155: Video
  Travel Subcategories
    156: Coupons
    157: Maps
    158: References / Guides
    159: Vacation Travel
    185: Luggage
    186: Accessories

So for every product in your store, you have to open the ShareASale official list of categories and subcategories, find the ones that correspond to your product, copy the integer values and paste the numbers into the feed file.


This can be a tedious task even if you sell one type of product. However, if you sell various types of products, you need to automate the process of setting categories and subcategories in your feed.

Set ShareASale categories in a few clicks

Our app automates the selection of category and subcategory values. Moreover, with its autocomplete function, you have to deal only with human-readable data.

Simply start typing the category or subcategory name your products belong to, and the app will look through the ShareASale list. You will just have to select the most appropriate in the list of search results (this is also known as category mapping).


The autocomplete function works both for static and dynamic category mapping. Simply choose a ShareASale taxonomy and proceed with mapping categories as usual.


The final step for any ShareASale feed

A product feed that fully meets the ShareASale requirements is only one step to being published on this marketplace. Upload it into your account on this service, and get a boost for your sales.