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What is Check24

Check24 is a digital company founded and managed in Germany. It works since 1999 with their employees across more than 20 locations in Germany.

Their platform offers consumers a price comparisons service for various products from almost any product category. Their goal is to ensure that consumers are well-informed and can make the best decisions for themselves.

On Check24 customers can look up for the best price offer in such categories as insurance, financial products, mobile and DSL tariffs, electricity tariffs, rental cars, travel, and winter tires.

With over 10 000 partner shops, the platform offers more than 10 million products, while over 63 000 providers offer more than 6 million tariffs and deals.

Check24 marketplace to boost sales

Sell your products to millions of Check24 visitors with no risk as the platform only charges for successfully completed orders.

There is no basic fee, and you can unsubscribe at any time at the end of the month. Additionally, Check24 takes over payment processing with the customer in the event of cancellation or returns.

You can benefit from extremely competitive conditions, which are based on the relevant category, including in particularly competitive product ranges.

Check24 offers free telephone support and fast email processing of all customer inquiries for partners and their customers. The platform also provides partners with evaluations and support them in sales optimization.

To broaden your store's reach and capture new potential customers, consider listing your products on the Check24 platform. Doing so will boost your store's visibility and help you reach a wider audience, leading to an expansion of your customer base.

Big audience for your store

Check24 platform attracts over over 15 million monthly visitors.

Simple start

Check24 charges only for successfully finished orders.

How to sell on Check24

Connect your Shopify store to Check24 to sell products and services or related products, and benefit from the dedicated platform that Check24 provides for customers who are specifically looking for good deals. This can help you increase your sales opportunities and reach a wider audience.

To increase the online visibility of your Shopify store and attract more traffic, you may want to integrate your product catalog with Check24. Check24 is a popular e-commerce channel in the European market and integrating with it can help you reach a wider audience.

To expand your reach and boost sales, leverage Check24 as a potent sales channel that can help you attract a larger audience and increase online visibility. With millions of visitors every month, Check24 provides a fantastic platform for displaying your product catalog and attracting qualified traffic to your website. This can help you grow your business and increase your sales.

Start from sending the info on your Shopify store on the Check24 sign up page for merchants.

To list your Shopify store's products on Check24, you need to create a product feed in suitableformat. You can use the Mulwi app to generate a valid XML feed. Make sure the feed contains accurate product data to avoid errors or incorrect assignments. Once you have created the feed, you can submit it to Check24's platform for review and approval.

Our customers speak for us

review logo
Petopy Shop Turkey
Great app, great support by the team.

Do not hesitate to use it if you need Xml export like us.

Works perfectly!

Thank you Mulwi.
review logo
Chef Bruni Slovenia
I needed some help with the setup regarding the filters. Andrii quickly advised and helped me via chat support. So far I'm super happy with everything.
Very complex and easy-to-use app. If you don't have the technical skills, fast and helpful support (Andrii) is always on. Definitely recommended
review logo
Fantastic app, helped us to integrate into several platforms without any issues. Outstanding support! All questions answered for where we were stuck how integrate certain tags into the feed, or only parts of tags.
review logo Norway
The tool provides a good overview and is simple and intuitive to use. I needed help creating a specific feed for a collaborator. I got support right away, have been followed up and they have even delivered an improved feed. I have received better support than expected! I recommend this app!
review logo
Devola United Kingdom
Great app—used this to replace an old setup for Google Merchant Centre feeds across five websites and will expand this in the near future to cover other advertising platform feed requirements.

Allows for customised feeds for any purpose and liquid coding is possible, meaning the app can suit any business scenario or complex Shopify setup. For example, the internal business logic we use to denote availability is quite complex, and I have been able to use custom liquid coding to translate this back into the exact specification needed to pass this data into Google Merchant Centre—this was simply not possible in our old setups.

Also features SFTP upload capabilities to ensure feeds are up-to-date. The developer of this app is also highly responsive to support or new feature requests. For example, the app did not originally support pulling through the inventory policy data field which I required—one support ticket and an hour later, this feature was launched.

I would highly recommend for anybody looking to get a robust, reliable, customisable solution for sending Shopify data out to places such as Google Merchant Centre, Facebook etc!
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites