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Translate the feed

Connect your store to third-party translation services to obtain product feed in any supported language. Follow the steps to enable it.


1. Obtain a translation API key

In order to use the translation functionality, you need to connect your store to the translator via the API key. Obtain the key for:

2. Enable translation

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds supports Google Translate or Weglot services. Access to translation service API costs money.

  • Choose a translation service. Navigate to Global Settings > Translations. Click on the Translation Service to select the translator (Google Translate, Weglot or Shopify GraphQL).


    Mulwi Shopping Feeds supports translation management over Shopify GraphQL. If your store uses such apps as Langify and similar, you can fetch the feed translation from the resources translated by such app. In this case translated attributes are saved in the store's database after being translated for the first time. Next time the translation is used from the database.

  • Provide the API key. Obtain an API key from the translation service. Paste it into the Google Translate API key or Weglot API key respectively. Scroll the page to the top and click Save.

3. Configure language

You can select one language for a feed to be translated to:

  • Locate the feed to translate. Navigate to the feed you want to be translated and press Edit, and on its configuration page, navigate to General > Translation.

  • Select translation language. Select the required language from a drop-down menu. Click Save to enable changes.

4. Translating the feed

The feed title and description are translated in every pre-configured default template.

Configure translation of customized feed template by specifying what attributes to translate. Add | t modifier to the product attribute so that it is translated.

{{ variant.title | t }}
{{ variant.body_html | strip_html | t | truncate: 5000, "" }}

It is supported both for TXT/CSV, and XML feeds.


Don't use | t modifier for Shopify GraphQL translation. All available attributes will be translated automatically.