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The feed can be uploaded to the marketplace after configuring and generating. See the Create new feed page for details.


1. Register at marketplace

In order to upload the feed to a marketplace, you need to have a merchant account on this marketplace. Fill in all required details on your store. Typically these are store name, address, contact phone, etc.


Depending on a specific marketplace, you may need a user account to create a merchant account. For example, a regular Google account is required to create a Google Merchant Center account.

2. Get connection parameters

Your merchant account provides data for establishing a connection to the marketplace server that receives the feed upload. These parameters should be provided in the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app. Contact marketplace support if you cannot find this connection information.

3. Create a campaign

Typically, you will need to create a new promotional campaign on the marketplace that will host the products from your uploaded feed.

4. Upload the feed

Many marketplaces provide two ways of uploading the feed: a direct file upload and automated fetch by the marketplace server using a link to the feed. With the Omega Shopping feed, you can use both of these methods.


If you need help, please contact our support team.