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What is ePRICE

ePRICE has been the leading Italian marketplace since 2000. Established in 2000 as an e-commerce site for electronic products, ePRICE has grown considerably. The platform became a part of the Banzai Group in 2006. It has grown thanks to acquiring other platforms: Mister PRICE, BOW, and PLAZA, JOYS.

Since 2014 the catalog has expanded with products of every category. The site collaborates with over 5000 Italian and foreign professional sellers.

In 2019, ePRICE created a network called the "International Marketplace Network". This network lets sellers connect with more than 230 million customers in Europe. The network includes Cdiscount in France, eMAG in Romania, and Kaufland in Germany.

The company intends to expand its product range thanks to the retail chain. The site has the purchasing experience for private and business customers. The platform improves the offer of high-quality products at excellent prices.


ePRICE services for sellers

The sponsorship service allows you to show your products to targeted customers. Your ads will appear in the first positions, offering you greater visibility. With a simple interface, you can check the progress of your campaigns and change them in real-time. The service is completely free. You will only pay for the clicks your ads receive (CPC).

You can import orders and update the marketplace with courier and shipment codes. The system updates tracking data for both you and the customer. Manage different shippers with one platform. Receive alerts in case of problems. Send automatic and personalized communications to your customers based on the shipment status. Your customers will always be up to date. The service is free for ePRICE orders. Delivered orders become immediately payable.

ePrice is a well-known and established online marketplace with a significant customer base. By joining ePrice, you gain access to a wide audience of potential buyers. ePrice has built a reputation as a trusted marketplace. Associating your products with an ePrice can enhance customer trust and credibility.

Protection Program

In the event of misunderstandings, the platform protects the rights of sellers. To know more you should contact the support.

Easy payments

Sellers receive weekly payments to their bank accounts and net of commissions

How to sell on ePRICE

To start the cooperation, click the "Register now" button on the ePRICE website. To proceed, you need to fill out the form. Follow the instructions to complete your registration. View and download the contract. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the ePRICE support team.

To start selling on the marketplace, you must provide a product listing. Use the Mulwi app to add the ePRICE Shopify Feed template. The template already meets the marketplace specifications. Still, you can customize it the way you need. It is possible to edit the attributes and columns in the template.

Optimize your delivery for speed and cost-efficiency by selling from a specific warehouse. You can sell from the nearest stock location to make your delivery faster and cheaper. Check what stock location to use when generating a product feed.

Our Shopify application simplifies the management of your product feeds. Mulwi saves you time and effort bringing more hours to grow your business. The Mulwi support team is always ready to help you with any issues and concerns.

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cadde374 Turkey
I needed an XML that was not in their systems, as I had a need for an XML for an unknown infrastructure. Unlike other applications, they immediately entered the live chat and deciphered the language of my XML within about 5 minutes, then delivered my new XML to me. We are truly working with a successful team in this job. I'm very thankful to Mulwi and their team.
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Beewise Netherlands
Great app! It does exactly what it's supposed to do, and the customer support is really helpful and quick! I highly recommend it to everyone!
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Maxstore.no Norway
The tool provides a good overview and is simple and intuitive to use. I needed help creating a specific feed for a collaborator. I got support right away, have been followed up and they have even delivered an improved feed. I have received better support than expected! I recommend this app!
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City Jeans USA
This is the best shopping feed app by far. Especially if you want to send Google Shopping the best possible feed. The app can do anything you may need in order to optimize your feed for best results on Google Ads. Also, it's not limited just to Google Shopping. You can also use it for many other platforms such as Bing Ads & Facebook.
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GGV Eyewear UK
Couldn't be happier with this app and the customer service. Alexei was able to create a custom template to fit our needs in a very short amount of time.
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InnoviTechie Greece
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites