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What is Najnakup has been a price comparison website since 2007. It provides visitors with information about online stores and their products. The portal helps online store operators find and address new groups of customers.

The price comparison cooperates with more than 8,000 online stores. Its catalog includes 3,000,000 products of various categories. Najnakup merchants sell books, furniture, perfumes, building materials, etc.

Over the last three months, the portal global ranking has increased from 190,321 to 160,998. Slovakia is the top country sending traffic to the shopping engine. The site also attracts clients from the USA, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

Najnakup's audience comprises 52.01% males, while females comprise the remaining 47.99%. The most significant age demographic among visitors falls within the 25 - 34 year-old.

Organic Search traffic forms the leading source of visits to the price comparison. It contributed to 80.29% of desktop traffic in the previous month. Direct traffic ranks second, accounting for 16.37% of the total visits. Among the channels, Social media remains the most untapped avenue.


Advantages for Najnakup merchants

Through various cooperation programs, you can maximize the visibility of your business. Basic, Priority, and VIP are price-per-click programs. They enable you to occupy top positions in the store catalog and full-text search.

You can tailor your advertising strategy to align with products and target audiences. Sellers define special prices for clicks based on product categories and price levels.

The Market Research section gives valuable insights into market trends and consumer preferences. Analyze data from Najnakup traffic to optimize your product selection, pricing, and competitiveness.

Earn the "Shop recommended by customers" certificate based on ratings from customer opinions. This badge can further enhance your store's reputation and attract potential buyers.

Najnakup provides integrated protection mechanisms that guard against fake click-throughs. It ensures a fair and accurate representation of user interactions with your store.

Banner advertising

Sellers can place banners across the homepage, category, and product pages. These ads can attract more visitors and boost sales.

Convenient payment methods

Najnakup offers several payment methods. Merchants can choose from bank transfers, TatraPay, and payment cards. It makes settling your fees hassle-free.

How to sell on Najnakup

The registration and onboarding process for sellers is straightforward. Upon approval, Najnakup adds a store to the catalog. After that, you can share your product offerings through an XML feed.

Simplify feed management with the Mulwi app. Pick the Najnakup template from the Mulwi feed list. Customize your feed using filters to remove out-of-stock items and products without images. Edit the feed template to suit your preferences.

Boost delivery efficiency and cut costs by selling from a specific warehouse. Opt for the nearest stock location for quicker, cheaper shipping.

Expand your customer base with localized catalogs. Adjust your feed for different markets. Use translation services to connect with more people.

Protect your feeds with passwords for security. Keep unauthorized access and parsing attempts at bay. Ensure data availability to trusted personnel and engines.

Count on our dedicated Mulwi support for expert help. Craft tailored shopping feeds that match your store's needs.

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Shop Statik United States
Amazing support. Needed to change AWIN feed, and it was like: explain the task – done! Highly recommend!
Easy to use, I can't complain about anything. Everything works great. When I needed help changing the flow, I got quick support. Now everything works the way I want it to work.
One of the best app on Shopify to export feeds. Very simple. Support is ready to help you

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Ascopharm Germany
We are super happy with the app and how the support team helped us set up our google shopping feed. We contacted them with numerous custom adjustments and they implemted every single one within no time. 100% recommend this app.
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Great support from Alexei who worked hard to get everything to work for us. We have a quite complex setup with a Shopify Markets store but they managed to get the feeds to work with CDON after some trial and error. I can gladly recommend Omega Commerce!
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ArenaMarkt Greece
They helped us making a custom feed for a local marketplace and after one week they added also a premade feed for that marketplace. They have very good and fast support and if you want an app that outputs xml and in specific some custom xml , this is the app you are looking for!
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites