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What is Nokaut has been a Polish price comparison website since 2006. The shopping engine comprises thousands of stores and millions of products.

The website presents fashion, computers, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, home and garden products. Nokaut attracts the main traffic from Poland.

Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands also bring customers to the portal. The user base comprises 51.14% males and 48.86% females. The predominant age bracket among visitors is 25 to 34 years old.

The top traffic source to Nokaut is Direct traffic, driving 52.10% of desktop visits last month. Organic Search is the 2nd with 46.49% of traffic. On social media channels, the site gets clients from Reddit.

Advantages for Nokaut merchants

Whether you have a handful or thousands of products, the Nokaut Seller Center promotes each item.

Tailor your promotion costs based on individual product margins. It grants you full control over traffic and costs.

Nokaut offers a conversion plugin for enhanced analytics. It helps you fine-tune your promotion strategies.

An autopilot promotion system adjusts CPC rates. The rates depend on changing conversion rates in your store.

Stay informed with comprehensive daily click statistics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Nokaut provides merchant support. The team of seasoned online sales experts will guide you toward success.

The price comparison offers Google Shopping ads. Elevate your ad visibility and rates by partnering with Google's Official support.

Leverage behavioral profiles for remarketing. Ensuring your products are available to those most likely to buy.

Flexible engagement

The portal has no contracts or monthly subscriptions. You can top up an account and check your performance.

Publishing to publishers

Share your products across the vast network of publishers through the Seller Center. It is available after registration.

How to sell on Nokaut

Get started by registering your shop on the platform. Fill in the application form and follow the instructions. You will need a product feed to display your goods on the shopping engine.

Simplify your Shopify Feed management with the Mulwi app. Our ready-to-use Nokaut template conforms to all price comparison specifications.

Customize the template to align with your unique requirements. Change attributes and columns to reflect your brand identity.

Enhance delivery efficiency and cost-effectiveness by selling from a designated warehouse. Optimize your shipping workflow by choosing the nearest stock location.

Enjoy effortless product feed management through our Mulwi Shopify app. Reclaim valuable time and energy, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Should you encounter any issues or questions, our support team is available to assist you. Expand your reach and drive sales with the Nokaut Shopify feed template.

Our customers speak for us

Perfect app, which allows you to create customized feeds. Very easy to use, with drag and drop interface. All export types, like csv and xml. Also many predefined templates for Google, Facebook and shopping Platforms. Metafields possible. Very fast and helpful support. Good price for a all in one solution.
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I would say Amazing service by Oleskii, you are an asset in omega commerce, end to end, checking each and every aspect, really happy that I choose omega commerce, one of the best things 1 to 1 correspondence, looking forward to opening more businesses, highly recommended, without ask Oleskii did all the things, Thank you so so much for everything
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Beewise Netherlands
Great app! It does exactly what it's supposed to do, and the customer support is really helpful and quick! I highly recommend it to everyone!
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Time Resistance Lithuania
The customer service was amazing and solved my issue right away; I love it when I can discuss and solve problems in the live chat rather than exchanging numerous emails. thank you again!
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PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
I Used this app to make xml for marketplace. They are the best. They have perfect support. They do the xml for me with the requirements that i want. I spend so many days to find the right app and fix the xml. They fix the xml and find the solution for me in one day. Thanks a lot.
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites