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What is Ppissis

Ppissis.com.cy is a Cyprus price comparison website founded in 2017. Every store joining the site gains entry to the entire Cypriot market.

The engine's catalog consists of 80,000 products. Online stores present such categories as electronics, kids' goods, home appliances, fashion, etc.

Ppissis.com.cy's worldwide ranking has risen from 2,284,824 to 2,720,292 recently. Traffic on the platform from desktop computers has more than doubled compared to last month, increasing by 103.1%.

The price comparison attracts many buyers from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Thus, sellers can get more traffic by displaying goods on the Ppissis.


Advantages for Ppissis merchants

Ppissis offers customer support to assist both buyers and sellers. The site helps to resolve any issues or inquiries.

Merchants gain insights into local market trends and customer preferences, helping them tailor their product offerings for maximum appeal.

Sellers can tap into the local Cypriot market, which can be especially perspective for businesses looking to cater to a specific geographic area.

The platform is accessible via mobile devices, ensuring sellers can reach customers who shop on smartphones and tablets.

Data and analytics

Sellers have access to data and analytics to track their performance, monitor customer behavior, and make informed decisions.

Shipping options

Ppissis offers local and international shipping options to suit different seller needs. Merchants can reach their customers anywhere.

How to sell on Ppissis

After your shop registration, the website requires a data feed in XML format. The Mulwi app presents the Ppissis Shopify feed template aligning with price comparison specifications.

While the provided template aligns with the site's requirements, it's flexible for customization. Utilize filters to tailor the feed content. For example, exclude out-of-stock items or choose certain categories and collections.

To reach a broader customer base, adapt your product catalog for local markets by translating product information. You can connect translation services like Google Translate or Weglot for this purpose.

You can sell products from a specific warehouse to make shipping faster and more cost-effective. For instance, selling from the nearest warehouse can speed up deliveries and lower shipping expenses. Just indicate which warehouse to use when creating your product feed.

Shopify Price Lists functionality allows you to include products with customized prices. Just select the relevant Price List to apply to the product feed.

Tailor your product feed to local markets with Shopify market functionality. Utilize the prices you've established for international sales within your store. Choose the relevant Shopify market to incorporate these values into your product feed.

Ensure your product feed complies with technical requirements by clicking the preview link. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact the Mulwi support team. Our experts are ready to assist with any concerns.

Our customers speak for us

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Living Simply House United Kingdom
It was a rocky start due to issues between Etsy and Omega but the level of customer service I've received has been second to none (Alexei has been amazing). Super simple to use and navigate, does exactly what it says it does.
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Poolpirat Germany
Very fast support. I can highly recommend this app. We use it with custom Feeds for billiger.de and idealo.de.
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InnoviTechie Greece
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ParrishLA USA
We had continuous issues integrating with Stylight due to incorrect image positions uploading through our feed. We were able to achieve a custom XML feed that selected specific images to upload to Stylight and help our store get approved. Omega Commerce was quick to respond and helped set everything up which saved us a bunch of time and frustration. This was a months long issue solved in literally 3 days- amazing!!
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Flowers & Plants Co United Kingdom
A huuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to Andrii at Mulwi for sorting out my problem with feeds. App is second to none and support is absolutely amazing. I have spent days looking for a feed app that allows very seicific customizations and to be honest wasnt sure if I could even get that done on Mulwi but Andrii sorted the problem out within minutes. Expert support, thank you very very much. Would highly recommend.
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La La Land Store Portugal
We use it to create custom feeds with metafields data incorporated. A very reliable solution. Support is fast and very helpfull.
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites