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Get new orders from shoppers in Nordic countries with a Shopify CDON integration

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What is CDON

CDON is an online service for shoppers to find the best deal by comparing propositions of multiple merchants who connected their shops to this platform.

It is a Swedish company that offers services in all Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. This marketplace was founded in 1999 and is currently the most popular shopping platform in the region.

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Increase sales with CDON

Thanks to this Nordic online shopping service, your Shopify store will get additional orders.

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Millions of potential shoppers

CDON attracts about 100 million visitors per year. These visits are made by 1.78 million active shoppers.

More sales to you

For the year, CDON sales are about $190.3 million.

How to get started with CDON

CDON can be thought of as a giant online supermarket, which is a place for merchants to sell their goods.

Apply for an account and wait for approval to be able to promote your products on this platform. Once you have access to CDON, you can push your products using either a feed file or API integration.

Why use CDON Shopify integration

The feed file and API integration serve one purpose - to provide data on your products within the CDON platform.

Mulwi Shopping Feeds app supports both methods, and you may choose the one that suits you best. However, if you want almost an instant product data update on CDON, you should stick to API integration. It provides such advantages over the feed file:

Instant product update

When API integration is configured, your shop constantly communicates with CDON. Any changes in products are immediately sent to CDON

Secure communication

Thanks to the communication protocols that API integration uses, you can be sure that data is sent and received securely.

Feedback information

API integration lets you know some problems with the product data transfer.

Integrate your product catalog into the CDON marketplace using a dedicated app.

Launch a CDON Shopify integration

Product integration of your Shopify store into the CDON platform can be configured in five simple steps using our Shopify app.

Basically, you need to provide an API key for your CDON account, and then simply set categories, payments, and shipping data. The last step will be the validation of configured CDON Shopify integration.

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds app walks you step by step through the process of setting up your integration.


Integration exactly as you want

Our app provides all the functionality you may want from a CDON Shopify integration:


Automated product import/update

Create and import new products from Shopify to CDON. Any product change is automatically updated on CDON.


Support for existing CDON connection

Fetch any already created on CDON products and synchronize these listings with the app.


Choose a market to sell

You can choose which CDON region to sell in. Export products to the following markets: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, B2bSe.


Individual treatment for each market

On each CDON regional market, set individual values for VAT and Delivery Time.


Automatic feed language translation

A feed language can be changed in a second by selecting it in the built-in translation option. functionality.


CDON orders are visible in your store

Automatically export new orders from CDON to Shopify.

Our customers speak for us

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Very helpful! been using for over 2 years now. Highly recommended. Great support good functionality. Must have to expand your sales channels.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is CDON integration?

It is a method to connect the product catalog in your Shopify store with the CDON marketplace.

Q: What is the difference between the feed file and integration?

The feed and integration serve one purpose - to push products from a Shopify store to a shopping engine. When using the feed file, you don't get feedback from the marketplace, and changes on products are updated with a significant delay. The integration establishes a two-way communication channel, allowing immediate product updates and feedback.

Q: Why is it worth connecting a store to CDON?

Swedish website CDON is the most popular marketplace in Nordic countries. Connecting to it lets you get new shoppers from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Q: Can I ask for help to set up the CDON integration?

Feel free to contact the support team. Additionally, look at the step-by-step guide.

Q: Can I choose the specific markets in which CDON works?

You can configure your Shopify CDON integration to push data to a specific market.

Q: Does the app support only CDON integration?

The Shopping Feeds app supports Shopify integration with several popular marketplaces. Namely, Etsy, Otto, Google Shopping.

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Q: Why is category mapping required?

Category mapping connects categories of your Shopify store to marketplace categories.

Q: How to make a Category Mapping?

Refer to the Category Mapping documentation on making a category mapping.

Q: How do we exclude some products from being transferred?

Use the filtering functionality of the app.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites