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What is Etsy

Etsy serves as a global virtual bazaar, offering a platform where people can trade goods and collect unique items. It primarily supports small businesses and individuals, promoting independent makers and nurturing a socially responsible impact.

In an age of increasing automation, this marketplace positions human interaction as a pivotal aspect of its offerings. Making purchases on Etsy assists local sellers in converting their creative ideas into thriving eCommerce ventures.

This digital platform links sellers with a myriad of customers who are in search of an alternative to conventional online shopping. Shopping on Etsy gives them access to unique products, each imbued with personal craftsmanship and originality.

Anyone has the opportunity to become a seller of unique items on Etsy. This platform provides a marketplace for hobbyists and collectors, facilitating the sale of high-quality goods, vintage items over two decades old, as well as both handcrafted and factory-made products.

Etsy unites vendors by providing them with affordable service fees on their sold merchandise and robust resources for conducting sales online. In addition, it offers substantial support and stands behind its sellers as they commence their journey on its platform.

Increase sales with Etsy

The true value of Etsy lies in its diverse community of merchants, each operating their own distinct stores, some of which are integrated with Shopify. Given that the Etsy e-commerce platform serves as a digital hub where individuals and vendors come together, it is not surprising that it does not possess its own physical inventory.

shopify etsy integration
Etsy pays for your ads

Etsy promotes your products across third-party sites. You pay only for successful sale.

Start selling with $0.20

For $0.20 a merchant gets four month of active listing on Etsy, or until the first sale.

How to start an Etsy shop

Integration makes Shopify to Etsy import an easy task to seamlessly place your product catalog on this platform for vintage goods. This allows any Shopify retailer to effortlessly become an Etsy seller. Simply transfer your product listing to this online marketplace, thus attracting more potential customers.

Apply for an Etsy login account and wait for approval to be able to promote your products on this platform. Once you have access to your Etsy shop, you can push your products using the API integration.

An individual seller on Etsy gets a duration of up to four months to launch their sales. Every time a purchase is made from their store, Etsy receives a 6.5% percentage of the profit. Additional transaction fee is imposed by this platform due to the cost of utilizing PayPal's services. This fee is consistent with PayPal's standard charges for transaction processing.

Visit and on that page select the Get started link to launch your Etsy shop.

Why use Shopify Etsy integration

The API integration you can create to make Shopify to Etsy import serves one purpose - to provide data on your products within the Etsy platform.

Mulwi Shopping Feeds app supports the Etsy integration API alongside other methods of delivering the data on your products to the marketplace.It is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs best. However, if you want almost an instant product data update on Etsy, you should stick to API integration. It provides such advantages over the method with a product feed file:

Instant product update

When your store is set up for API integration, it maintains ongoing communication with Etsy. Alterations to your products are instantaneously sent to Etsy platform.

Secure communication

Employment of proven communication standards utilized in API integration, there's an assurance of safe and secure transmission and receipt of product data.

Feedback information

Shopify Integration with Etsy via an API enables fast the identification of issues concerning the transfer of product information.

Use a specialized Shopify application to incorporate your store product catalog into the Etsy trading platform.

Launch a Etsy Shopify integration

With our Shopify app, you can effortlessly set up your Shopify store on the Etsy platform in a few easy steps.

The process requires you to input your Etsy account's API key and then define your categories, payment methods, and shipping information. The final step involves verifying your newly established Etsy-Shopify connection.

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds app guides you comprehensively through the entire procedure of integration setup.

Integration exactly as you want

Our application delivers every feature you could possibly need for seamless integration between Etsy and Shopify.


Automated product import/update

Establish and import fresh items in your product catalog from Shopify to Etsy. Each alteration made to a product is instantly reflected on Etsy.


Support for existing Etsy connection

Retrieve any products previously established on Etsy and align these items with your existing product catalog.


Choose a market to sell

Etsy has its regional divisions in United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. However, you are not limited to sell globally. Ship your products internationally to grow your customer base.


Quality Etsy listing to help you grow sales

Optimize your product listing to get better ranking in Etsy search, improve your shop's visibility, and receive increased conversion.


Automatic feed language translation

The language of text content in your product listing can be quickly adjusted to a local market by utilizing the embedded translation feature.

Our customers speak for us

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Chef Bruni Slovenia
I needed some help with the setup regarding the filters. Andrii quickly advised and helped me via chat support. So far I'm super happy with everything.
I was looking for some feed customization and got great help to configure my feeds in 3 languages through a translation app. Now this is what you call professionnal service. I would recommend them again! It was also done in a short space of time.
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FINDRA Clothing United Kingdom
Really great app with amazing support. I've set the app up to run an Awin feed, when I asked some more technical questions about Google Merchant I not only got a speedy reply, but the two things I asked about were done. Recommended!
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Living Simply House United Kingdom
It was a rocky start due to issues between Etsy and Omega but the level of customer service I've received has been second to none (Alexei has been amazing). Super simple to use and navigate, does exactly what it says it does.
Can be used for a small e-shop up to 100 products, can be used for a small e-shop up to 100 products, can be used for a small e-shop up to 100 products.
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Poolpirat Germany
Very fast support. I can highly recommend this app. We use it with custom Feeds for and

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Etsy integration?

It is a software solution that allows you to link your Shopify store`s product catalog with the Etsy marketplace.

Q: What is the difference between the feed file and integration?

The primary function of the feed and integration is to transfer products from a Shopify store to a shopping engine. However, there are some drawbacks to using the feed file. It lacks real-time feedback from the marketplace, and any changes made to products experience a noticeable delay in updates. On the other hand, the integration establishes a bidirectional communication channel, enabling instant product updates and feedback.

Q: Why is it worth connecting a store to Etsy?

Connecting a store to Etsy provides access to a vast, global customer base and leverages Etsy`s trusted platform and SEO advantages to reach more potential buyers. Additionally, it offers sellers easy-to-use tools for managing their shop, marketing products, and handling international shipping.

Q: Can I ask for help to set up the Etsy integration?

Don`t hesitate to get in touch with our assistance crew. Moreover, you may find the detailed instruction manual particularly useful.

Q: Can I choose the specific markets in which Etsy works?

To ensure seamless data transfer to a particular marketplace, it is possible to customize the integration between your Shopify and Etsy accounts.

Q: Does the app support only Etsy integration?

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds app enables seamless integration between Shopify and various well-known marketplaces including Etsy, Otto, CDON.

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Q: Why is category mapping required?

Category mapping allows you to link the categories in your Shopify store to the corresponding categories in different marketplaces.

Q: How to make a Category Mapping?

To learn how to create a category mapping, please consult the Category Mapping documentation available at

Q: How do we exclude some products from being transferred?

Take advantage of the filtering capability provided by the app by visiting the filtering functionality section.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites