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What is Otto

Otto is one of the oldest commerce platform existing - its history starts in 1949 as a paper product catalogue. In 2000-s this marketplace launches a digitalization process to establish its presence in internet.

Since then Otto has evolved into one of the largest online retailers in Germany. With 70% of its visitors from mobile devices in 2018 the platform retires its paper catalogue, becoming online-only sales channel.

This German platform serves as a comprehensive online marketplace for german-speaking shoppers, catering to diverse consumer needs. It provides an extensive selection of products across various categories, including fashion, electronics, home appliances, furniture, and more.

The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, allowing customers to navigate through different categories, apply filters, and compare prices to find the best deals. The platform also features customer reviews and ratings, providing valuable insights to help shoppers make informed decisions.

Additionally, offers a range of services to enhance the customer experience. These include flexible payment options, such as installment plans, fast and reliable delivery, and easy returns and exchanges.

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Increase sales with Otto

The true value of Otto for any Shopify merchant lies in large customer base of almost 2.9 million visitors a day, who spend billions of euros on shopping. OTTO reports that its sales have reached about 6.3 billion euros in 2022.

Shoppers are attracted by the vast product catalog presented by 5000 partners. Otto online shop offers around 14.5 million products in total, and 626 000 of these items are certified as sustainable.

Join Otto to propose your products to over 11 million active customers on this platform.

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New order every second

On Otto market partner merchants can get up to 10 orders a second.

How to connect your shop to Otto

Make your Shopify shop an Otto`s partner by sending a registration request. Use a registration form on the business page.

Next, wait for an approval from Otto`s managers. Before getting Otto login, every retailer undergoes a thorough verification process. has strict quality standard for the products it offers to its customers. Therefore, partner retailers are held to the same high standards. Otto accepts the requests only from trusted and reliable sellers.

Your shop will meet main Otto`s criteria if it is registered in Germany, and has a valid German legal form and tax ID. This requirement excludes small businesses as per paragraph 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).

Secondly, you must act as the direct retailer for end customers. Additionally, you have to provide customer service in German, ship products from a German warehouse, and offer products with a consistent VAT rate of 19%.

Once you have access to your Otto shop, you can push your products using the API integration.

Partnering with Otto will cost you 39.90 euros in monthly fee regardless of the product amount sold. A commission on each sold product is also applied, with its value varies for each product category.

Why use Shopify Otto integration

The main objective of creating an API integration for importing from Shopify to Otto is to share product data with the Otto platform. Our Mulwi Shopping Feeds app offers support for the Otto integration API, as well as other methods of delivering product data to the marketplace.

You have the flexibility to choose the method that best fits your requirements. However, if you prefer to have almost immediate product data updates on Otto, the API integration is recommended. It offers several advantages compared to the product feed file method:

Instant product update

If you set up API integration for your store, it establishes a constant connection with Otto. Any changes made to your products are immediately transmitted to the Otto platform. This ensures that updates are promptly reflected on Otto as soon as they are made in your store.

Secure communication

By implementing established communication standards in API integration, you can be confident in the secure and reliable transmission and receipt of your product data. These standards ensure that your data is protected throughout the process, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety and integrity of your information.

Feedback information

Integrating Shopify with Otto through an API integration allows for quick identification of any issues related to the transfer of product information. This streamlined approach helps in detecting and resolving any potential problems that may arise during the data transfer process.

Choose an API integration from Mulwi app for seamless and up-to-date product data integration with Otto.

Launch an Otto Shopify integration

Our Shopify app allows you to quickly and easily set up your Shopify store on the Otto platform.

Just follow a few simple steps. First, enter your Otto account's API key. Then, define your categories, payment methods, and shipping information. Finally, verify your new Otto-Shopify connection.

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds app provides clear guidance throughout the entire integration setup process.

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Integration exactly as you want

Our application designed for Shopify platform provides all the necessary features for effortlessly integrating your store with Otto.


Automated product import/update

Effortlessly add and import new products from your Shopify catalog to Otto. Any changes made to a product are immediately updated on Otto.


Support for existing Otto connection

Easily access and sync any previously created products on Otto with your current product catalog.


Choose where to sell

In addition to Gemany the group of Otto`s brands and its sites works in Europe and USA.


Quality Otto listing to help you grow sales

Enhance your product listings to improve search rankings, increase visibility for your shop, and boost conversion rates on Otto.


Automatic feed language translation

Easily adapt the language of your product listing text to local markets by utilizing the built-in translation feature.

Our customers speak for us

review logo Hong Kong SAR
Very handy plugin, we have too many SKU, this plugin saves a lot of time. We are also very satisfied with the feedback received about the product feed suggestions from the Mulwi Team, the response is very fast very helpful, thanks.
review logo
OMNES United Kingdom
The support received from Andrii was worth the subscription alone! The app was suggested to create Product feeds and we were able to setup and configure feeds quickly with some complex requirements for 2 of the 3 feeds. I reached out to get some support and Andrii went above and beyond to assist me in understanding my requirements and work with me to configure the additional feeds. Great app and even better support.
review logo
Fantastic app, helped us to integrate into several platforms without any issues. Outstanding support! All questions answered for where we were stuck how integrate certain tags into the feed, or only parts of tags.
Perfect app, which allows you to create customized feeds. Very easy to use, with drag and drop interface. All export types, like csv and xml. Also many predefined templates for Google, Facebook and shopping Platforms. Metafields possible. Very fast and helpful support. Good price for a all in one solution.
review logo
Ascopharm Germany
We are super happy with the app and how the support team helped us set up our google shopping feed. We contacted them with numerous custom adjustments and they implemted every single one within no time. 100% recommend this app.
review logo
Netlens Sweden
Great app for creating custom product feeds. We will be able to get it to work with Shopify Markets. The app make it possible to translate product descriptions and convert to local prices to match our correct local offerings.

Looking forward to be able to sign up to local affilites and niche price comprisons in the whole of EU with proper localized product feeds. Seems to be bug free and customizable in almost every aspect to produce the perfect product feed for your needs. Great support as well so far.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Otto integration?

It is an advanced method of connecting your Shopify store`s product catalog to the Otto market.

Q: What is the difference between the feed file and integration?

The main purpose of the feed and integration is to present products from a Shopify store on a shopping engine. However, there are some disadvantages to using the feed file. It doesn`t provide real-time feedback from the marketplace, and any modifications to products take time to be reflected. On the contrary, the integration creates a two-way communication channel, allowing immediate product updates and feedback.

Q: Why is it worth connecting a store to Otto?

By linking your store to Otto, you gain access to a wide-ranging customer base on a global scale. This allows you to tap into Otto`s reliable selling platform and take advantage of its SEO benefits to reach a larger pool of potential buyers. Moreover, Otto provides user-friendly tools for shop management, product marketing, and handling international shipping, making it convenient for sellers.

Q: Can I ask for help to set up the Otto integration?

Feel free to reach out to our support team without any hesitation. Additionally, you might find the comprehensive instruction manual particularly helpful. You can access it at the detailed instruction manual.

Q: Can I choose the specific markets in which Otto works?

You have the option to customize the integration between your Shopify and Otto accounts to ensure smooth data transfer to the desired marketplace.

Q: Does the app support only Otto integration?

The Mulwi Shopping Feeds app allows for effortless integration between Shopify and popular marketplaces like Otto, Etsy, and CDON.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: Why is category mapping required?

With category mapping, you can easily connect the categories in your Shopify store to the relevant categories in various marketplaces.

Q: How to make a Category Mapping?

For instructions on how to create a category mapping, please refer to the Category Mapping documentation, which can be found at

Q: How do we exclude some products from being transferred?

Make the most of the app`s filtering feature by visiting the section on filtering functionality.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites