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What is Vivino is an American wine marketplace that has been operating since 2010. The company's headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

The Vivino app is available on Android and Apple devices. It has millions of followers uniting in one community of wine lovers and connoisseurs.

The company uses the community data to provide personal recommendations for helping with wine purchases. The marketplace offers thousands of wines of diverse categories and tastes. Its catalog also comprises various pairings.

The site provides different kinds of cheese, meat, and mushrooms. Grapes are also available. All products come from Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

The main country sending traffic to the website is the USA. Brazil, France, the UK, and Germany also attract many buyers. Vivino's audience comprises 57.55% males and 42.45% females, with the largest segment of visitors falling within the age group of 25 to 34.

Advantages for Vivino merchants

Harness the power of Vivino's Merchant Dashboard and analytics to gain deep insights into your traffic. Understand your audience better to make informed business decisions.

Enjoy the benefits of a seamless two-click checkout process, resulting in impressive conversion rates and substantial order volumes. Just fulfill the orders Vivino sends you.

Get a partner in wine with the marketplace support team. They will assist you with any questions and provide multi-step order quality control. It helps to avoid misunderstandings and returns.

Vivino gets most of its social media traffic from YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. You can promote your goods via its social media channels to raise your brand's awareness.

Popular platform

The marketplace gains 6.5M visits per month. Over the last three months, Vivino's global ranking has increased from 11,525 to 10,461.

Email campaigns

When a Vivino user scans one of your wine bottles, they'll receive an email containing your winery's story. It can boost engagement, driving sales.

How to sell on Vivino

To start selling on the marketplace, follow the steps on the Vivino page for merchants. Get a product feed to distribute your listings with ease.

The Mulwi app offers the Vivino product feed creation. Send a request to our support and our team will build the one for you free of charge.

The app offers advanced feed editing. Merchants can add/edit filters to verify the goods they will sell. Sellers can connect Google Translate, Weglot, or the Shopify Translation app to Mulwi. Template localization often attracts local buyers.

The Mulwi support team is available to help with any questions. They will assist with any challenges you encounter. We are always glad to help you.

Import orders from Vivino to Shopify

The Mulwi app imports the Vivino orders to your Shopify store. After confirming the order and shipment in the seller's Vivino account, our app synchronizes the order status between Vivino and Shopify.

This feature simplifies order processing as you can work with it directly in your store. It also ensures product stock availability updating in the Shopify store.

Currently, it works in the following way:

  1. A customer places an order in Vivino.
  2. Our app fetches the order info and creates the same order on Shopify.
  3. You go to your Vivino account, confirm the order, and then confirm the shipment.
  4. Our app will sync the order state from Vivino to Shopify.

Our customers speak for us

I was looking for some feed customization and got great help to configure my feeds in 3 languages through a translation app. Now this is what you call professionnal service. I would recommend them again! It was also done in a short space of time.
One of the best app on Shopify to export feeds. Very simple. Support is ready to help you

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FINDRA Clothing United Kingdom
Really great app with amazing support. I've set the app up to run an Awin feed, when I asked some more technical questions about Google Merchant I not only got a speedy reply, but the two things I asked about were done. Recommended!
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Ascopharm Germany
We are super happy with the app and how the support team helped us set up our google shopping feed. We contacted them with numerous custom adjustments and they implemted every single one within no time. 100% recommend this app.
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Poolpirat Germany
Very fast support. I can highly recommend this app. We use it with custom Feeds for and
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Devola United Kingdom
Great app—used this to replace an old setup for Google Merchant Centre feeds across five websites and will expand this in the near future to cover other advertising platform feed requirements.

Allows for customised feeds for any purpose and liquid coding is possible, meaning the app can suit any business scenario or complex Shopify setup. For example, the internal business logic we use to denote availability is quite complex, and I have been able to use custom liquid coding to translate this back into the exact specification needed to pass this data into Google Merchant Centre—this was simply not possible in our old setups.

Also features SFTP upload capabilities to ensure feeds are up-to-date. The developer of this app is also highly responsive to support or new feature requests. For example, the app did not originally support pulling through the inventory policy data field which I required—one support ticket and an hour later, this feature was launched.

I would highly recommend for anybody looking to get a robust, reliable, customisable solution for sending Shopify data out to places such as Google Merchant Centre, Facebook etc!
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites