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What is

The price comparison engine appeared in 2003/2004 when the eCommerce boom became obvious.

This marketplace is the best known in Germany, ranking second in the list of most popular price aggregators in German-speaking countries.

Increase Your Billiger sales

This marketplace can bring new orders to your Shopify store

Platform crowded with shoppers will show your products to thousands of the 2.7 million visitors it receives in a month.

Sustainable increase in sales

The marketplace offers up to +20% sales, thanks to high conversion rates.

How to start with

This marketplace works the old-fashioned way, so you will sign a paper contract and then fax it to get an account.

You will have to wait for your account request to be approved manually by the Billiger staff.

When you sign up for this platform, you simply generate a feed file with the data of the products you want to promote on and then submit it to your account. .

Billiger's product feed needs an app

Products from your store are pushed to through a product feed. It has to meet the marketplace requirements in order to be approved exactly. This may require hours from you to solve complex problems:

Mandatory product attributes

Sort out which product attributes are mandatory and recommended for each product category

Correct prices

Ensure that prices are end prices, including the legal VAT, and are presented in the currency of the country of sale

Full data on products

Each product in the feed contains shipping costs and delivery times

Obtain a valid product feed using a dedicated app for generating the feed file.

Get a product feed for

Obtain a valid product feed in a few clicks using our Shopify app.

The app provides you with the file and a URL to it. Thus, you can upload the feed to Billiger in a most convenient way for you.

Automate most feed technical tasks, including your feed update.

Get the feed exactly as you want

Our app provides you with all the functionality to generate a feed file:


Automatic feed regeneration

Automatically get a feed with the most recent prices, stock statuses, product images, etc. The app tracks changes in the product catalog, and regenerates the feed file instantly.


Choose what products to publish

Apply filters to fill the feed with items you want to include. For example, you can push products of a specific collection or brand.


Automatic feed language translation

The feed language can be changed in a second by choosing the one in a built-in translation option. functionality.


Modify the feed

Get more than the basic feed template offers. Customize the template to include complex logic, liquid filters and variables for selecting custom data fields.

Our customers speak for us

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Decords Estonia
One of the best apps for the Shopify store I have used. This app saved me hundreds of hours. I used it to list all my listings from Shopify store to CDON and At first, I had an error with CDON and wrote an email to customer support. I was surprised that they answered me within 15 minutes, it was great. Customer support started to work with my problem and after a few emails more my problem was solved and all listings were added to CDON. Moreover, I had errors in my listing, which was not their problem and they gladly fixed them and made listings look better on the marketplace. I am more than satisfied with their app, service, and communication. Use this app and you will not regret it, guys are super friendly.
We required a tool to create automated product feeds in CSV format for a partner and we have had no issues. Required a little coding on our end to get the result we needed, but works brilliantly. Can strongly recommend this for those in the need of automating feeds. EDIT: Their customer service is brilliant - super quick and helpful.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Billiger Shopify feed?

A feed is a file with full information on products sold in the Shopify store. This file is a medium that provides data on products to the marketplace.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for generating a feed?

The feed contains thousands of data fields on product titles and descriptions, product prices, currency, etc. Manual generation of such a file can take several hours and is prone to errors. The app generates the feed in a few minutes without errors.

Q: Why is it worth connecting a store to Billiger?

The marketplace is a platform that helps you to sell more. It is the most popular price comparison platform in German-speaking countries. It can bring you hundreds of new shoppers.

Q: Is the maximum number of products in the feed limited?

Our app works perfectly with any product catalog size. Billiger also has no limits on items in the feed.

Q: Do I have to regenerate the feed on any product catalog change?

Our app tracks changes in the product catalog anf updates the feed file instantly. However, the feed is not pushed to Billiger at the same moment. The feed is updated on this marketplace according to the settings in your account, usually once every 24 hours.

Q: Can I ask for help to set up the Billiger feed?

In case of any problems, feel free to contact the Mulwi Shopping Feeds support team. Additionally, the app documentation may be helpful.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: How can I automatically publish a feed to Billiger Shopping?

Our app provides all the main methods for feed uploading. Generate a feed file and paste the feed URL into your Billiger account, push the file over FTP/SFTP or upload the file manually. Refer to the Upload the feed to Billiger manual.

Q: Can I adjust the feed template to my needs?

Customize the feed as you need when using our app. Refer to Customize feed template documentation.

Q: Does the app support only the marketplace?

Mulwi Shopping Feeds allows you to connect your Shopify store to multiple marketplaces simultaneously. See the full list.

Q: Why is category mapping required?

Category mapping connects categories of your Shopify store to marketplace categories.

Q: How to make Category Mapping?

Refer to the Category Mapping documentation on how to make a category mapping.

Q: How to exclude some products from the feed?

Use the filtering functionality of the app.

Q: Can I choose from which warehouse to export inventory data?

Our app allows selecting the inventory location that hosts products included in the feed. See the Stock Location option details.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites