A store can sell one product in a packaging of different quantity. For example, wall paint may be sold in cans of 1, 10 or 20 liters. In such case the product title will be identical as this is one product placed in smaller or bigger wrapping.

You can make such products more informative by placing the quantity in the product title. Customers could be able to understand the difference between identical products more easily.


When pushing your product catalog to online marketplaces it is a good idea to keep the packaging quantity in the product title. Here is how you can do this with Mulwi Shopping Feeds app.

With Mulwi Shopping Feeds app you can include product prepackaged quantity in the product title. Make the title of your products more informative on Google Shopping, Idealo, Bing, Rakuten, and other online marketplaces. Help customers easier spot a product packaged in the quantity they need and increase sales.

Where is prepackaged product quantity stored

Any product in a Shopify store has a predefined list of standard attributes, like SKUs, title, images, etc. However, it is often required to display some product-specific data, like expiry date, prepackaged product quantity, etc. Such data is stored in metafields.

shopify metafields

Metafield is a way for a Shopify store to include almost any related information on a product or product collection. This data can be retrieved by apps and merchants within the Shopify admin.

Since metafield is a piece of non-standard information, it is first required to define its data type, number of values, value validation conditions. Additionally, in order to display metafields on store frontend you need to activate them in your store visual theme. Read the guide on creating and activating Shopify metafields in your store.

How to display packaged quantity info in product title

The example below is shown for CSV/TXT feed template. You can use similar approach to display prepackaged quantity in the product title for marketplaces that use XML templates.

Step 1. Get the metafield name

Write down the name of the metafield that stores the data on the product packaging quantity (liters, kilograms, number of pills, etc.).

Get this name by navigating to Settings > Metafields > Products or Settings > Metafields > Variants. In the list of Product or Variant metafield definitions locate the required metafield.


Step 2. Edit the Title field

In your feed click Customize feed and ensure you were transferred to Template tab.

Scroll down the template editor to the Columns section and locate the column for product or variant title. It may be named as variant_name or title depending on the requirements of the marketplace the feed is created for.


Depending on the context (Products or Variants) the code to call metafields will silghtly differ:

Change the default value for the title column from Attribute to Expression.


In the expression field write the following expression for variant context to display the metafield value in round brackets:

{{ variant.title }} ({{ variant.parent_meta_fields.XXX }})

Replace the XXX in variant.parent_meta_fields.XXX with the name of your metafield you have written down previously.


For example, if the metafield name is product.metafields.custom.product_dimensions in the expression for the feed template you should use product.meta_fields.custom.product_dimensions.

If you want to display the prepackaged quantity in brackets ( ) and this value is available only for some products or variants the title will have brackets with no value inside.

Use an IF condition to ensure your product title will display the prepacked quantity in the product title only if the product uses such metafield.

{% if variant.parent_meta_fields.XXX != '' %} ({{ variant.parent_meta_fields.XXX }}) {% endif %}

Check the full guide on using metafields in your store and see the Mulwi app documentation on metafields.


Flexibly combining the available data on your products you can make them stand out from competitors and bring you more customers from online marketplaces.

Place the prepackaged quantity in the product title so customers can more easily spot a product in a packaging they want to buy.

With Mulwi Shopping Feeds app you can easily include metafields in your product feed. Make your products on online marketplaces more attractive to customers and generate more sales.