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Increase your earnings by selling on eMAG via a product feed


What is eMAG

The eMAG story began in 2001, when its first eight employees processed and delivered 122 orders with two Dacia cars they had. Now it is one of the biggest marketplaces in the Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. Its total user base is close to 8 million.

It has grown to a marketplace that sells products in multiple categories. These are hardlines division (electronic, home appliances, tools, toys, sporting goods, etc.), and softlines (fashion products, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, etc.).

This marketplace is a risk-free additional sales channel for thousands of merchants. There is no listing costs and no subscription fees. Just commission for each product sold.

Shoppers use eMAG to find the best deal and save money all from one website.


eMAG comparison engine to boost sales

Get more sales for your store by placing your products on the eMAG comparison engine.


Zero listing costs

Place your products on eMAG without any starting costs. Product listing is free.

Huge market

Use eMAG as an extra sales channel with 8 million potential customers in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

How to sell on eMAG

eMAG ensures that when a visitor clicks on your store's link, they are already prepared to buy. You only need to accept the order.

This shopping engine offers many solutions to increase conversions. For example, local businesses in Romania can take part in eMAG Open Romania program to get additional marketing.

eMAG also uses online ads to promote products as special offers or as part of other marketing campaigns.

Increase sales by promoting your product portfolio on this marketplace. Sell effortlessly on eMAG by using a product feed with complete product data.


Make eMAG feed with the app

Using a product datafeed file, you may promote your product catalog on the eMAG platform. The quality of the product feed has a direct impact on sales and profitability. The greater the input feed quality, the higher the quality of the produced traffic from eMAG.

High-quality feed must be created in a specified configuration that includes a few mandatory fields with product information. Otherwise, this ecommerce platform will not recognize the feed. Producing such a feed frequently takes several hours, which you will spend on tasks such as:

A fast feed update

eMAG waits for the feed to be updated whenever the product catalog changes.

Strict feed format

The information in the feed file should be in the format required by eMAG.

Category mapping

All the items you sell should be listed in the appropriate eMAG product categories. The eMAG has over 1600 available categories.

Produce a totally viable product feed with minimal effort. When you use our app you will receive a high-quality data stream that fulfills all eMAG criteria.

Generate a feed for eMAG

Using a simple application developed by Mulwi, you can get an eMAG Shopify feed in just a few clicks.

This software tool relieves you of the burden of dealing with many of the technicalities that the eMAG feed must meet.

A simple user interface and readiness to feed modification allows you to rapidly establish a product feed. This datafeed document is complete and ready for submission to eMAG. Simply copy the feed URL and paste it into your eMAG merchant account.

Our application handles the majority of technical issues, including automated updates for any changes in the product catalog.


Get a higher quality feed

Using our Shopify software, you can quickly create a full-fledged product feed for eMAG. Our tool includes all of the features you'll need to get a high-quality datafeed:


Automated feed update

The software for your Shopify will automatically export your products to the feed file. Your feed will always include latest pricing, stock statuses, product photos, and so on. New goods are immediately added to the file.


Translate product descriptions

With built-in translation capabilities, you may get the product feed in the language you want.


Feed can be customized as needed

You may customize the feed to effectively serve your company needs on eMAG. Use Shpify liquid filters and Shopify variables to add custom data fields into your feed.


Easy category mapping

Our software assists you in categorizing your items in accordance with the eMAG product taxonomy. Our tool makes it simple to map Shopify categories from your store to eMAG.


Feed file hosting solved

Your feed will always be accessible to eMAG. Our program provides a dependable host for all feeds you create with it.

Our customers speak for us

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PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
review logo
Devola United Kingdom
Great app—used this to replace an old setup for Google Merchant Centre feeds across five websites and will expand this in the near future to cover other advertising platform feed requirements.

Allows for customised feeds for any purpose and liquid coding is possible, meaning the app can suit any business scenario or complex Shopify setup. For example, the internal business logic we use to denote availability is quite complex, and I have been able to use custom liquid coding to translate this back into the exact specification needed to pass this data into Google Merchant Centre—this was simply not possible in our old setups.

Also features SFTP upload capabilities to ensure feeds are up-to-date. The developer of this app is also highly responsive to support or new feature requests. For example, the app did not originally support pulling through the inventory policy data field which I required—one support ticket and an hour later, this feature was launched.

I would highly recommend for anybody looking to get a robust, reliable, customisable solution for sending Shopify data out to places such as Google Merchant Centre, Facebook etc!
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GGV Eyewear UK
Couldn't be happier with this app and the customer service. Alexei was able to create a custom template to fit our needs in a very short amount of time.
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Shop Statik United States
Amazing support. Needed to change AWIN feed, and it was like: explain the task – done! Highly recommend!
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Pandera Romania
Great Support with Fast Response. The app is working very good. I also like the app because you can generate many feeds.
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Petopy Shop Turkey
Great app, great support by the team.

Do not hesitate to use it if you need Xml export like us.

Works perfectly!

Thank you Mulwi.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is eMAG Shopify feed?

It is a file that contains all of the information about items you want to sell on the marketplace. It is uploaded to your merchant account on the marketplace in order for your items to be promoted on the eMAG platform.

Q: Why should a store sell on eMAG?

eMAG increases your sales by displaying your products to its visitors. This brings you a lot of potential buyers.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for a product feed?

Each feed is a container for thousands of product data entries. Manually editing such enormous feed file takes time and is prone to errors. The specialized app produces a higher quality feed in minutes with no errors.

Q: Does the app limit the number of products included?

Both Mulwi app and eMag are compatible with product catalogs of any size. There is no restriction on the number of items in the feed.

Q: Why should a feed be constantly regenerated?

If the any product in your catalog changes, you should update the feed file. This is because the online marketplace demands the most recent data entries in the datafeed. Our Shopify software automatically refreshes the feed, and eMAG typically retrieves it every 24 hours.

Q: Can I get help in configuring the eMAG feed?

Do not hesitate to contact the Mulwi Shopping Feeds support team. Additionally, the app documentation may be helpful.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: How can the feed be automatically published to eMAG?

Our software for your Shopify store creates a feed file and provides you with a link to it. eMAG offers numerous feed uploading techniques, and our software supports them all. We recommend that you publish the feed to your eMag account by pasting the URL into according field of your account on this marketplace.

Q: Can the feed output be modified?

You can customize the resulting feed output according to your preferences. Refer to the Customize feed template documentation.

Q: Does the app supports only eMAG?

Mulwi Shopping Feeds is a tool that any Shopify store can use to sell its products on dozens of marketplaces at the same time. See the full list of supported online sales channels.

Q: Why is category mapping required?

Product categories you use in your store may not be the same as those on eMAG. Mapping allows you to correctly connect categories of your store to the eMAG taxonomy.

Q: How to make Category Mapping?

Refer to the Category Mapping documentation on how to make a category mapping.

Q: How to exclude some products from the feed?

Use the filtering functionality of the app.

Q: Can I choose from which warehouse to export inventory data?

Our Shopify app allows you to choose products from what inventory location you want to include in the feed. See the Stock Location option details.

Expand your sales channels

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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites