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What is 2Performant

The 2Performant is an affiliate marketing network. It started in Bucharest in 2009 and became international in 2022.

The platform helps lots of e-commerce brands and digital marketing experts work together. They use a model where affiliates get paid based on the sales they make.

Romania is the main country sending clients to the portal. The network is also popular in Bulgaria, the USA, Germany, and the UK.

Over the last three months, the site's global ranking has increased from 28,928 to 28,192. Its traffic has increased by 7.03% compared to last month.

More men, about 55%, use 2Performant, while about 45% are women. Most people who visit the site using a computer are between 25 and 34 years old.

Advantages for 2Performant merchants

Sellers have access to a community of thousands of affiliates. The affiliates can also become their customers and promoters.

The platform provides real-time statistics through a dashboard. Merchants can always stay informed about the activities in their affiliate programs.

The 2Performant offers advertising banners. Sellers can convey their messages to attract more customers and expand their reach.

The portal's account also has a promotion section. Merchants can create and announce sales campaigns and special offers.

The website provides budget control. Sellers pay their affiliates only for completed sales.

Social media impact

The network gets most of its social media traffic from YouTube, Facebook, and Whatsapp. Sellers can get more orders by advertising there.


Merchants make the rules of the game. They select their affiliates. Sellers decide how much commission they want to offer. The platform gives freedom to make decisions.

How to sell with 2Performant

To get started, fill in the registration form. The 2Performant team will contact you for further steps. The affiliate network will also need your product listing.

The 2Performant Shopify Feed template is available in the Mulwi app. You are free to use it as it is or change it according to your needs.

Take full control of your product feed with advanced filters. Customize the template according to your preferences. Exclude out-of-stock items and products without images to curate a polished feed template.

Broaden your customer reach by tailoring your product catalog to different markets. Create localized feeds and connect with a wider audience through professional translation services.

Ensure the utmost security for your product feeds with password protection. Safeguard your data from unauthorized access and parsing attempts. Make it available only to trusted staff and engines.

Receive expert help from the Mulwi support team. Craft shopping feeds that align with your store's unique requirements. Elevate your selling game with our customization opportunities and expert guidance.

Our customers speak for us

Couldn't be happier with this app and the customer service. Alexei was able to create a custom template to fit our needs in a very short amount of time.
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Ascopharm Germany
We are super happy with the app and how the support team helped us set up our google shopping feed. We contacted them with numerous custom adjustments and they implemted every single one within no time. 100% recommend this app.
review logo
Great support from Alexei who worked hard to get everything to work for us. We have a quite complex setup with a Shopify Markets store but they managed to get the feeds to work with CDON after some trial and error. I can gladly recommend Omega Commerce!
Very complex and easy-to-use app. If you don't have the technical skills, fast and helpful support (Andrii) is always on. Definitely recommended
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FINDRA Clothing United Kingdom
Really great app with amazing support. I've set the app up to run an Awin feed, when I asked some more technical questions about Google Merchant I not only got a speedy reply, but the two things I asked about were done. Recommended!
review logo
Time Resistance Lithuania
The customer service was amazing and solved my issue right away; I love it when I can discuss and solve problems in the live chat rather than exchanging numerous emails. thank you again!
Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites