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Get more revenue by pushing products to GetPrice via a product feed


What is GetPrice

Getprice is Australia's leading online comparison shopping engine. Founded in 2005, it lists more than 2.5 million products and attracts more than 3 million monthly visits.

This price comparison engine is a place for merchants to sell products from multiple categories: electronics, home, fashion, cosmetics, and games.

Shoppers choose GetPrice to find the best price and save money, all within one website.


GetPrice comparison engine to boost sales

Get more sales for your store by placing your products on the GetPrice comparison engine.


Thousands of shoppers

GetPrice reaches more than 3 million visitors every month. Full conversion tracking for complete transparency.

Pay for results

Cost-per-click pricing, you only pay for results. There are no set-up fees or subscription periods.

How to sell on GetPrice

GetPrice ensures that whenever a visitor clicks on the link to your store, they are already ready to make a purchase. All you have to do is accept the order.

This shopping engine offers many solutions to increase conversions. For example, it offers a mobile shopping application, so your goods will be available to buyers wherever they are, at any time.

Second, GetPrice does some additional product promotions. This includes sponsored e-newsletters. You get the opportunity to reach a database of thousands of shoppers. Additionally, GetPrice utilizes online advertising to promote special offers or other marketing campaigns.

On GetPrice you also get an opportunity to advertise your products in print media and TV across Australia.

A store owner can push their product catalog to get additional sales on this price comparison engine. Sell on GetPrice easily by using a product feed with full data on your products.


Make GetPrice feed with the app

Promote your product catalog on the GetPrice platform using a product feed file. The quality of the product feed directly influences the sales results and profitability. The higher the feed quality is, the better quality of the generated traffic you get from GetPrice.

For high-quality feed, it has to be crafted in a specific configuration that incorporates a few compulsory information fields. Otherwise, the feed won't be recognized by this shopping platform. Producing such a feed often takes numerous hours, which you will spend on tackling things such as:

A dynamic feed

GetPrice awaits the feed to be updated on any product catalog change.

Strict feed format

Information in the feed should be in the file format Getprice requires.

Category mapping

Your products should be placed within the GetPrice product categories.

Generate a fully viable product feed without a hassle. Using our app, you will get a high-quality feed that meets all GetPrice requirements.

Generate a feed for GetPrice

Get a GetPrice Shopify feed in a few clicks using a user-friendly application by Mulwi.

This software tool saves you from having to deal with many of the technicalities the GetPrice feed has to comply with.

A simple user interface with freedom of feed customizations helps you quickly generate a product feed. This document is fully prepared to be submitted to GetPrice. Simply paste the feed URL into your GetPrice merchant account.

Our application handles most technical issues, including automated updates on any product catalog change.


Get a higher quality feed

Generate the fully-fledged product feed for GetPrice in a few clicks using our Shopify app. Our tool provides you with the functionality you might need when creating a high-quality feed:


Automated feed update

The app will automatically export your products from the Shopify database to the feed file. Your feed will always have recent prices, stock statuses, product images, etc. New products appear in the feed automatically.


Translate product descriptions

Get the product feed in a language you need with built-in translation functionality.


Customize feed as you need

Customize the feed to make it best suit your business needs on GetPrice. Use liquid filters and variables to add custom data fields into your feed.


Easy category mapping

Our app helps you to place your products accordingly to the GetPrice category taxonomy. Mapping Shopify categories from your store to GetPrice becomes easy with our app.


Feed file hosting solved

GetPrice will always have access to your feed. Our app provides a reliable hosting service for generated feeds.

Our customers speak for us

review logo
Ottoman Hands United Kingdom
Decent feed provider. The support is what makes the difference, Andrii helped me out from start to finish setting up a second currency GMC feed. Very professional.
review logo
PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
review logo
Decords Estonia
One of the best apps for the Shopify store I have used. This app saved me hundreds of hours. I used it to list all my listings from Shopify store to CDON and

At first, I had an error with CDON and wrote an email to customer support. I was surprised that they answered me within 15 minutes, it was great. Customer support started to work with my problem and after a few emails more my problem was solved and all listings were added to CDON. Moreover, I had errors in my listing, which was not their problem and they gladly fixed them and made listings look better on the marketplace. I am more than satisfied with their app, service, and communication.

Use this app and you will not regret it, guys are super friendly.
review logo Norway
The tool provides a good overview and is simple and intuitive to use. I needed help creating a specific feed for a collaborator. I got support right away, have been followed up and they have even delivered an improved feed. I have received better support than expected! I recommend this app!
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ParrishLA USA
We had continuous issues integrating with Stylight due to incorrect image positions uploading through our feed. We were able to achieve a custom XML feed that selected specific images to upload to Stylight and help our store get approved. Omega Commerce was quick to respond and helped set everything up which saved us a bunch of time and frustration. This was a months long issue solved in literally 3 days- amazing!!
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Chef Bruni Slovenia
I needed some help with the setup regarding the filters. Andrii quickly advised and helped me via chat support. So far I'm super happy with everything.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is GetPrice Shopify feed?

It is a file that contains all the data on your products. It is uploaded into your merchant account to promote your products on the GetPrice comparison engine.

Q: Why should a store sell on GetPrice?

GetPrice helps you sell more by displaying your products to its visitors. This brings you many potential buyers.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for a product feed?

Each feed is a container with dozens of data entries on thousands of products. Manually editing the feed file is time-consuming and prone to errors. The specialized app generates a higher quality feed in minutes and without errors.

Q: Does the app limit the number of products included?

Mulwi app supports product catalogs of any size. GetPrice also has no such limit.

Q: Why should a feed be constantly regenerated?

You should update the feed file on any change in the product catalog. This is becouse the online marketplace requires data entries in the feed to be as recent as possible. Our app updates the feed instantly, and GetPrice usually fetches it every 24 hours.

Q: Can I get help in configuring the GetPrice feed?

Do not hesitate to contact the Mulwi Shopping Feeds support team. Additionally, the app documentation may be helpful.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: How can the feed be automatically published to GetPrice?

Our app generates a feed file and gives you a URL to it. GetPrice provides several feed uploading methods, and our app supports all of them. We recommend publishing by pasting the URL to the feed.

Q: Can the feed output be modified?

You can customize the resulting feed output according to your preferences. Refer to the Customize feed template documentation.

Q: Does the app supports only GetPrice?

Mulwi Shopping Feeds connects a Shopify store to dozens of marketplaces simultaneously. See the full list.

Q: Why is category mapping required?

Your store categories may differ from those on GetPrice. Mapping allows you to correctly connect the categories of your store with the GetPrice taxonomy.

Q: How to make Category Mapping?

Refer to the Category Mapping documentation on how to make a category mapping.

Q: How to exclude some products from the feed?

Use the filtering functionality of the app.

Q: Can I choose from which warehouse to export inventory data?

Our app allows selecting the inventory location that hosts products included in the feed. See the Stock Location option details.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites