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A product feed to market and sell your products on Glami.


What is Glami

Glami is a European fashion and lifestyle search engine and e-commerce platform that enables users to find and shop for products from various retailers in one place.

Glami was founded in the Czech Republic in 2013 and was named Domodi with a rebranding in 2015.

It has since expanded to other European countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. 14 countries in total with each region having its local website.

In 2022 Glami has acquired italian fashion marketplace Stileo. Glami and Stileo bring in around 500 000 monthly orders to their partner e-commerce stores.

Users choose Glami for the ability to browse products by category or search for specific items, save their favorite products and receive price alerts. Additionaly, they may use a aunched a hyper-personalized homepage that includes an onboarding quiz.

Glami also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Glami search engine to boost sales

To reach a wider audience and increase sales, Shopify stores that specialize in fashion can take advantage of the potential customer base offered by Glami.

Glami operates in 14 countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

This fashion search engine attracts over 47 million monthly visitors, who buy from over 4300 connected stores. The product catalog consists of over 17 million items.

By combining its large potential customer base with a user-friendly interface and robust features, Glami presents an attractive opportunity for Shopify stores to grow their business, reach new audiences, and boost sales.

Increase your store's sales and visibility by listing your products on the Glami platform.


Boost your revenue with the platform

53% of online fashion stores connected to Glami platform have reported an increase in revenue.

Glami brings new orders

The wide Glami audience generates roughly 500 000 orders monthly for partner shops.

How to sell on Glami

Integrate your product catalog with one of the most influential e-commerce channels in fashion industry to increase the online presence of your Shopify store and drive more traffic to it.

Maximize your sales potential by using Glami as a sales channel to showcase your product catalog and expand your business. With millions of visitors every month, Glami offers an excellent platform to expose your products to a vast audience and attract more qualified traffic to your website, leading to business growth.

Start from registering your Shopify store on the Glami sign up page for merchants.

Next, create a product feed. Check if your feed meets all the Glami requirements.

For example, each color and size of a product should be listed as an individual item in the product feed file.

The size in the product name should not be present in the product title. Yet it's highly recommended to include in the product name column additional product features such as gender (women's, men's, girls, boys), material, color, and more, along with the product name.


Create a product feed for Glami using Shopify app

Increase your sales and profits by selling your product catalog on Glami through a product data feed file. The quality of traffic you receive from Glami is directly dependent on the quality of your product feed. Therefore, it's crucial to provide a high-quality input feed to improve your chances of generating high-quality traffic, leading to an increase in sales.

Make sure to follow a specific configuration when creating your product feed for Glami, including mandatory fields for product information, to ensure that it's recognized by the platform. Failing to do so may result in the feed not being recognized. If done manually, this process usually takes a few hours and involves the following tasks:

A fast feed update

To maximize your sales on Glami, it's crucial to ensure that your product catalog is always up-to-date. Whenever you make changes to your catalog, it's essential to update your feed accordingly. Glami relies on the updated feed to reflect any changes made to your catalog, ensuring that your customers always see the most accurate and current information about your products.

Strict feed format

To ensure that your feed file is recognized by Glami, it's essential to format your product information in accordance with the platform's specific requirements.

Category mapping

To enhance the visibility of your products on Glami and assist potential customers in finding them, it's crucial to categorize them appropriately. Glami offers a vast range of categories, so select the ones that most accurately describe your products. To automate this task, you can utilize the category mapping feature.

Use our Shopify app to generate a product feed that meets Glami's requirements quickly and effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort. This tool helps you create a high-quality data feed that meets Glami's standards, making sure your products are recognized by the platform. This, in turn, increases your chances of generating quality traffic and boosting sales.

Generate a feed for Glami

Create a Glami feed for your Shopify store effortlessly with the Mulwi app that has a user-friendly design. To begin, simply open the admin panel of your store and click on a few buttons in the Shopify apps section.

Generate a product feed for Glami with ease using our software tool for Shopify platform. It simplifies the process by handling all the technical requirements of the platform, allowing you to create a high-quality data feed quickly and efficiently.

Create a submission-ready datafeed document effortlessly with our user-friendly app for your store. The Mulwi tool simplifies the process of generating a product feed for Glami by taking care of all the technical requirements. You can make quick modifications to the feed as needed with our app.

To submit your product catalog to Glami, use the feed generated by our application and copy its URL. Then, paste the URL into your Glami merchant account to complete the submission.

Get a higher quality feed

With our Shopify application, you can easily create a comprehensive and high-quality datafeed that meets Glami's requirements. Our user-friendly tool available in your Shopify admon allows you to effortlessly generate a submission-ready datafeed that includes all the essential features such as:


Automated feed update

To keep your Glami product feed current and accurate, the Mulwi app automates the update process. This means that manual updates are not required. The app exports all your product information, including pricing, stock statuses, and product photos, ensuring that your feed is always up-to-date. As soon as you add new products to your store, they will automatically be included in the feed, which is continuously updated.


Translate product descriptions

To make your product feed accessible to a wider audience, you can use the built-in translation feature of our app. You can choose from three different translation options, including Google Translate, Weglot, or Shopify translation app. This feature will allow you to convert your product feed into any language of your choice, giving you the flexibility to reach customers who speak different languages.


Feed can be customized as needed

Tailor your Glami product feed to suit your specific business needs directly adjusting the feed template. You can add your own data fields to the feed using Shopify liquid filters and variables.


Easy category mapping

To map your store's categories to the Glami product taxonomy, you can use our tool, which simplifies the process and makes it easy to match Shopify categories with Glami categories.


Feed file hosting solved

You can rely on our app for hosting service to ensure that your Glami product feed is always accessible to the platform. We provide this reliable hosting service for all feeds generated through our software tool.

Our customers speak for us

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Living Simply House United Kingdom
It was a rocky start due to issues between Etsy and Omega but the level of customer service I've received has been second to none (Alexei has been amazing). Super simple to use and navigate, does exactly what it says it does.
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Great support from Alexei who worked hard to get everything to work for us. We have a quite complex setup with a Shopify Markets store but they managed to get the feeds to work with CDON after some trial and error. I can gladly recommend Omega Commerce!
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Styleserver Schmuck und Accessoires Germany
Perfect app, which allows you to create customized feeds. Very easy to use, with drag and drop interface. All export types, like csv and xml. Also many predefined templates for Google, Facebook and shopping Platforms. Metafields possible. Very fast and helpful support. Good price for a all in one solution.
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PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
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Unlimited Stories Sweden
I was looking for some feed customization and got great help to configure my feeds in 3 languages through a translation app. Now this is what you call professionnal service. I would recommend them again! It was also done in a short space of time.
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Lilla Orangeriet Sweden
Easy to use, I can't complain about anything. Everything works great. When I needed help changing the flow, I got quick support. Now everything works the way I want it to work.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Glami Shopify feed?

To sell your products on Glami, you need to upload a product feed file that includes detailed information about your products such as descriptions, images, and prices. This can be done by creating a feed file and uploading it to your merchant account on Glami.

Q: Why should a store sell on Glami?

By showcasing your products to its visitors, Glami can potentially boost your sales and attract a large number of potential customers.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for a product feed?

Generating a product feed file manually with a large number of entries can be a time-consuming process that can lead to errors. However, you can use our specialized Mulwi app to create and edit a high-quality product feed file with fewer errors in just a few minutes.

Q: Does the app limit the number of products included?

The Mulwi app can create a product feed file for catalogs of any size, and there are no restrictions on the number of items that can be added to the file.

Q: Why should a feed be constantly regenerated?

To keep your product information on Glami up-to-date and accurate, it`s crucial to update the feed file whenever any changes occur in your product catalog. Glami requires fresh and current information in the feed, which it usually updates every 24 hours. With the Mulwi Shopify app, you don`t have to worry about manually updating the feed file. The app automatically refreshes the feed, ensuring that your product information is always accurate and up-to-date on Glami.

Q: Can I get help in configuring the Glami feed?

If you require any help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Mulwi Shopping Feeds support team. You can also check out the app documentation available at the following link: Mulwi documentation portal.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: How can the feed be automatically published to Glami?

There are various methods to upload the feed file to Glami, and our software supports multiple options. Our Shopify software generates a feed file and provides a link for you to submit your product catalog to Glami. It is recommended to paste the URL of the feed file into the appropriate field in your Glami merchant account to submit it to the marketplace.

Q: Can the feed output be modified?

The Customize feed template page on Mulwi website provides documentation on how to customize the output of your product feed. This allows you to modify the appearance of your feed to better suit your preferences for Glami customers.

Q: Does the app supports only Glami?

You can broaden your store`s audience by using Mulwi Shopping Feeds to sell your products on various marketplaces simultaneously. You can find a list of supported online sales channels by visiting Mulwi Shopping Feeds page.

Q: Why is category mapping required?

To make sure your products appear in the right category on Glami, you can use the mapping feature in Mulwi Shopping Feeds. This tool lets you automatically match the categories in your Shopify store with the corresponding categories in the Glami product taxonomy. For step-by-step instructions, check out the Category Mapping documentation, the link is provided below.

Q: How to make Category Mapping?

To automate mapping of your store`s categories to the Glami product taxonomy, visit Category Mapping documentation for detailed instructions.

Q: How to exclude some products from the feed?

Include or exclude products from the Glami datafeed based on specific criteria, such as price range or product type. This feature allows you to customize the datafeed according to your business needs and target audience. For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to the filtering functionality documentation.

Q: Can I choose from which warehouse to export inventory data?

To select the inventory location from where you want to include products in your product feed, use the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app for your Shopify store. To learn more about this feature, refer to Stock Location option details mentioned in the app`s documentation.

Expand your sales channels

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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites