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Get a product feed to promote and sell your products on Guenstiger.


What is Guenstiger GmbH is a well-known German price comparison portal that attracts an average of 2.6 million online shoppers each month.

The platform enables users to compare products and prices from various merchants on its mobile-optimized page or through its apps. Customers can also benefit from product reviews, merchant ratings, and price alert functionality.

Merchants' offers are sorted by price, and when users choose an offer, they will be directed to merchant's web shop to complete their purchase.

Additionally, the group offers similar price comparison engine Argep in Hungary. It is a leading local price comparison portal, serving customers for over 15 years.


Guenstiger search engine to boost sales

To reach a wider audience and increase sales, Shopify stores that sell in Europe can take advantage of the potential customer base offered by Guenstiger.

Guenstiger offers to place products in 19 countries via its platform. Besides the web site the platform uses,,,,

Additionally, the existing integration on Gienstiger price comparison sites, can be used for placing ads on Google Shopping Ads platform.

Guenstiger provides an excellent opportunity for Shopify stores to increase their sales, expand their customer base, and grow their business. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and vast potential customer base, Guenstiger is an attractive option for Shopify store owners looking to reach new audiences.

Boost the visibility of your store by listing your products on the Guenstiger platform.


No upfront costs

There is no required minimum contract duration, set-up fee, or monthly minimum fee when using the Guenstiger platform.

Build your own brand

Guenstiger redirects your customers to your store to complete their purchase.

How to sell on Guenstiger

Increase the online visibility of your Shopify store and attract more traffic to it by integrating your product catalog with one of the most influential e-commerce channels in the European market.

Utilize Guenstiger as a sales channel to increase your sales potential and reach a wider audience, which can help grow your business. With millions of visitors every month, Guenstiger provides an excellent platform to showcase your product catalog and attract more qualified traffic to your website, ultimately leading to business growth.

Contracts with pre-paid. This means that you can credit your account with your desired budget and stay flexible without committing to a minimum contract term.

Merchants who use to sell in Germany are charged on a per-click basis with a standard CPC of 30 cents (EUR). In Hungary, charges vary based on categories, and the price list is available on the website.

Start from registering your Shopify store on the Guenstiger sign up page for merchants.

To complete the registration you`ll need to provide a link to your product feed. Keep in mind that this feed should meets all the platform's requirements.

Guenstiger supports feeds in both XML and CSV, and Mulwi app is capable to create one by your choice. To avoid errors or incorrect assignments, it is therefore important to create columns with the correct information about the product.


Create a product feed for Guenstiger using Shopify app

Improve your sales and profits by selling your products on Guenstiger using a product data feed file. The traffic quality you receive from Guenstiger depends on the quality of your product feed. Therefore, it's important to create a high-quality input feed to increase the likelihood of generating high-quality traffic and ultimately boosting your sales.

To ensure that your product feed is recognized by Guenstiger, follow a specific XML or CSV configuration that includes mandatory fields for product information. Failure to follow the configuration may result in the feed not being recognized. If you create the feed manually, the process typically takes a few hours and involves the following tasks:

A fast feed update

To ensure that your product catalog is always up-to-date and to maximize your sales on Guenstiger, make sure to update your product feed file whenever you make changes to your catalog. This is because Guenstiger uses the updated feed to reflect any changes made to your catalog, providing your customers with the most current and accurate information about your products.

Strict feed format

To make sure that your feed file is recognized by Guenstiger, it's important to format your product information in accordance with the platform's specific requirements. A feed manual typically is a long document that may require extensive time for its examination.

Category mapping

Improve the discoverability of your products on Guenstiger and help customers find them by categorizing them correctly. Guenstiger has a wide range of categories available, so choose the ones that best match your products. You can use the category mapping feature to automate this task.

Utilize our Shopify app to generate a Guenstiger-compatible product feed efficiently and without hassle, saving valuable time and effort. This tool creates a high-quality data feed that meets Guenstiger's standards, ensuring that your products are recognized by the platform. This, in turn, increases your chances of generating quality traffic and boosting sales.

Generate a feed for Guenstiger

With the Mulwi app, you can create a Guenstiger feed for your Shopify store easily and efficiently. The app has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. To get started, open the admin panel of your store and navigate to the Shopify apps section, where you can click on a few buttons to begin the feed creation process.

Create a high-quality Guenstiger product feed with ease by utilizing our Shopify software tool. The tool simplifies the technical requirements of the platform, making it easy to create a data feed that meets Guenstiger's standards. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to quickly generate a high-quality product feed that boosts your sales potential.

To create a submission-ready datafeed document for Guenstiger, use our user-friendly app that simplifies the process. The Mulwi tool handles all the technical requirements, making it easy to generate a high-quality product feed. You can also make quick modifications to the feed as needed with our app.

To submit your product catalog to Guenstiger, you can use the product feed generated by our application. Once generated, copy the URL of the feed and paste it into your Guenstiger merchant account to complete the submission process.


Get a higher quality feed

Create a high-quality data feed for Guenstiger usin our Shopify application, which is designed to meet the platform's specific requirements. This user-friendly tool can be accessed through your Shopify admin panel, and it simplifies the process of generating a submission-ready data feed. It includes all the essential features such as:


Automated feed update

To ensure that your Guenstiger product feed is always up-to-date and accurate, use the Mulwi app to automate the update process. This means that you don't have to manually update your feed anymore. The app exports all your product information, such as pricing, stock statuses, and product photos, and updates your feed automatically. This way, your feed is continuously updated with any new products added to your store.


Translate product descriptions

Use our app's built-in translation feature to make your product feed available to a larger audience. You have the option to choose from three translation options, namely Google Translate, Weglot, or Shopify translation app. This feature enables you to convert your product feed into any language of your preference, which allows you to attract customers who speak different languages.


Feed can be customized as needed

Customize your Guenstiger product feed to fit your business requirements by adjusting the feed template directly. With the help of Shopify liquid filters and variables, you can add your own data fields to the feed. This feature gives you the flexibility to tailor the feed to your specific needs, ensuring that you include all the necessary product information that's unique to your business.


Easy category mapping

To match your store's categories with the Guenstiger product taxonomy, use our Category mapping functionality that simplifies and automates the process. It allows you to easily match your Shopify categories with the appropriate Guenstiger categories.


Feed file hosting solved

You can count on our app's hosting service to ensure your Guenstiger product feed is always available to the platform. Our hosting service is provided for all feeds created using our software tool, ensuring a dependable and trustworthy service.

Our customers speak for us

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PetPost Australia
Overall, the experience with Mulwi has been extremely positive. Creating and managing feeds can be quite stressful at times, but Mulwi has made the experience so simple and easy. They created a custom feed to suit my needs which was great! I highly recommend them!
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Flowers & Plants Co United Kingdom
A huuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to Andrii at Mulwi for sorting out my problem with feeds. App is second to none and support is absolutely amazing. I have spent days looking for a feed app that allows very seicific customizations and to be honest wasnt sure if I could even get that done on Mulwi but Andrii sorted the problem out within minutes. Expert support, thank you very very much. Would highly recommend.
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City Jeans USA
This is the best shopping feed app by far. Especially if you want to send Google Shopping the best possible feed. The app can do anything you may need in order to optimize your feed for best results on Google Ads. Also, it's not limited just to Google Shopping. You can also use it for many other platforms such as Bing Ads & Facebook.
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Shaping new tomorrow Denmark Denmark
We required a tool to create automated product feeds in CSV format for a partner and we have had no issues. Required a little coding on our end to get the result we needed, but works brilliantly.

Can strongly recommend this for those in the need of automating feeds. EDIT: Their customer service is brilliant - super quick and helpful.
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Pandera Romania
Great Support with Fast Response. The app is working very good. I also like the app because you can generate many feeds.
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GGV Eyewear UK
Couldn't be happier with this app and the customer service. Alexei was able to create a custom template to fit our needs in a very short amount of time.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Guenstiger Shopify feed?

To sell your products on Guenstiger, you can upload a product feed file that contains essential information about your products, including descriptions, images, and prices. This requires creating a feed file and then submitting it to your merchant account on Guenstiger.

Q: Why should a store sell on Guenstiger?

Exposing your products to Guenstiger`s audience can increase your sales and attract a wide range of potential customers.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for a product feed?

To create and edit a product feed file manually with a large number of entries can be a time-consuming process and can result in errors. Use the Mulwi app to generate a high-quality error-free product feed file in just a few minutes.

Q: Does the app limit the number of products included?

With the Mulwi app, you can generate a product feed file of any size without any restrictions on the number of items that can be included.

Q: Why should a feed be constantly regenerated?

To ensure that your product information on Guenstiger is always accurate and up-to-date, it`s important to update the feed file whenever there are changes in your product catalog. Guenstiger usually updates the feed every 24 hours and requires fresh information in the feed. With the Mulwi Shopping Feeds Shopify app, you don`t have to worry about manually updating the feed file. The app automatically refreshes the feed, ensuring that your product information is always current and accurate on Guenstiger.

Q: Can I get help in configuring the Guenstiger feed?

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our Mulwi Shopping Feeds support team. Additionally, you can find helpful documentation on using our app by visiting the Mulwi documentation portal at Mulwi documentation portal.

See more frequently asked questions
Q: How can the feed be automatically published to Guenstiger?

To submit your product catalog to Guenstiger, you can use the feed file generated by Mulwi Shopping Feeds Shopify app. Once the feed file is generated, you can use one of the multiple supported options to upload the feed file to Guenstiger. The most convenient method to submit the feed file is to copy the link provided by the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app and paste it in the appropriate field in your Guenstiger merchant account.

Q: Can the feed output be modified?

If you want to modify the output of your product feed to suit your business preferences and Guenstiger requirements, you can check out the Customize feed template page on the Mulwi website. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to customize the output of your feed so that you can change its appearance as desired.

Q: Does the app supports only Guenstiger?

Mulwi Shopping Feeds can become the tool to expand your store`s reach and sell your products on multiple online marketplaces. The app supports various sales channels, which are listed on the Mulwi Shopping Feeds page. Simply visit the provided link to see more.

Q: Why is category mapping required?

To automatically map your Shopify store`s categories with the correct categories in the Guenstiger product taxonomy, use the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app. It will help to ensure that your products appear in the appropriate category on Guenstiger. To learn more about how to use this mapping feature, refer to the Category Mapping documentation, the link is provided below.

Q: How to make Category Mapping?

To automate the mapping of your store`s product categories to the Guenstiger product taxonomy, you can refer to the Category Mapping documentation. It will guide you through the process of assigning your categories to the appropriate Guenstiger categories to ensure accurate product classification.

Q: How to exclude some products from the feed?

Customize the guenstiger datafeed with the help of the filtering feature provided by the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app. With this feature, you can include or exclude products based on specific criteria such as product type or price range. This helps you to create a tailored datafeed that meets your business requirements and targets the right audience. Find more information on how to use this feature in the app`s documentation on the filtering functionality page.

Q: How can I select the warehouse to export inventory data from?

To choose the inventory location that you want to include in your product feed, you can use the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app for your Shopify store. For more information about this feature, please refer to the app`s documentation and check the details of the Stock Location option.

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites

Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites