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What is Stileo

Stileo is an Italian online fashion search engine that was established in 2014. It offers visitors to search for clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children from hundreds of retailers and brands.

The website features products from over 500 different brands, including well-known names such as Adidas, Nike, and Calvin Klein, as well as smaller, independent labels.

Stileo's product selection includes a range of styles, from casual to formal wear, and offers a variety of price points to cater to different budgets. The website is available in multiple languages and ships to several countries worldwide.

Since 2022 Stileo has become operated by a Czech fashion marketplace Glami. Glami and Stileo bring in around 500 000 monthly orders to their partner e-commerce stores.

Stileo marketplace to boost sales

Stileo, does not directly sell any fashion products. Instead, it aggregates offers from various online fashion stores and presents them in a single platform. This allows customers to easily and quickly find products they are interested in and make purchases with just one click. Upon clicking on a product, customers are redirected to the relevant store's website to complete their purchase.

Combined with Glami, this fashion platform works in such countries as: Czechia, Germany, France, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Türkiye, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Brazil, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy.

To reach a wider audience and attract potential customers, list your products on the Stileo platform. This will increase the visibility of your store and help you expand your customer base.

Big audience for your store

Stileo platform attracts over 40 million monthly visitors and fashion lovers.

Simple start

Stileo offers its partner shops a cost-per-click (CPC) model.

How to sell on Stileo

Stileo can become important sales channel for Shopify stores that specialize in fashion, clothing, accessories, or related products, as it provides a dedicated platform for customers who are specifically looking for fashion items.

Consider integrating your Shopify store's product catalog with Stileo, a renowned e-commerce channel in the European market, to enhance your online visibility and attract more traffic to your store.

Utilize Stileo as a powerful sales channel to reach a broader audience and increase your online visibility. With millions of monthly visitors, Stileo provides an excellent platform to showcase your product catalog and attract more qualified traffic to your website. This will enable you to drive business growth and boost sales.

Note that contracts are based on a CPC payment model. This means that you will be charged for every click a customer makes on your product on the Stileo platform.

Start from sending the info on your Shopify store on the Stileo sign up page for merchants.

To list your Shopify store's products on Stileo, you need to create a product feed in XML format. You can use the Mulwi app to generate a valid XML feed. Make sure the feed contains accurate product data to avoid errors or incorrect assignments. Once you have created the feed, you can submit it to Stileo's platform for review and approval.

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Lilla Orangeriet Sweden
Easy to use, I can't complain about anything. Everything works great. When I needed help changing the flow, I got quick support. Now everything works the way I want it to work.
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Meaco (U.K.) Limited United Kingdom
Very useful to communicate with live links to Facebook Shop, Price Comparison and affiliate network. Great customer support too. Thanks for all your help Andrii.
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cadde374 Turkey
I needed an XML that was not in their systems, as I had a need for an XML for an unknown infrastructure. Unlike other applications, they immediately entered the live chat and deciphered the language of my XML within about 5 minutes, then delivered my new XML to me. We are truly working with a successful team in this job. I'm very thankful to Mulwi and their team.
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Great shopping feed app but the outstanding selling point of this developer is the excellent support provided. Always quick with replies and adjustments to feeds if need be.
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ArenaMarkt Greece
They helped us making a custom feed for a local marketplace and after one week they added also a premade feed for that marketplace. They have very good and fast support and if you want an app that outputs xml and in specific some custom xml , this is the app you are looking for!
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Time Resistance Lithuania
The customer service was amazing and solved my issue right away; I love it when I can discuss and solve problems in the live chat rather than exchanging numerous emails. thank you again!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Stileo Shopify feed?

To start selling your products on Stileo, you need to create a product feed file that contains vital information such as prices, descriptions, and images. The file must meet Stileo`s specific requirements to be accepted. After creating the feed file, you can upload it to your merchant account on the platform to start listing your products.

Q: Why should a store sell on Stileo?

Consider expanding your sales potential and attracting a wider audience by showcasing your products to the Stileo audience.

Q: Why is it recommended to use an app for a product feed?

To save time and reduce errors when creating and editing product feed files with multiple entries, consider using the Mulwi app. With Mulwi, you can generate a high-quality product feed file quickly and easily, ensuring that it is error-free. This can help you optimize your product listings and improve your online sales performance.

Q: Does the app limit the number of products included?

The Mulwi app allows you to generate a product feed file of any size without any restrictions on the number of items you can add. This means you can create product feeds with many entries without worrying about limitations.

Q: Why should a feed be constantly regenerated?

To ensure your product information is accurate and up-to-date on Stileo, it`s essential to update your product feed regularly. Stileo typically updates the feed every 24 hours, and it`s essential to provide fresh and accurate information. Instead of manual updates, you can use the Mulwi Shopping Feeds Shopify app to automate the process. The app automatically updates the feed file, ensuring that your product information remains current and precise on Stileo.

Q: Can I get help in configuring the Stileo feed?

If you need any help or have questions, you can contact the customer service team at Mulwi Shopping Feeds. They are available to assist you. Furthermore, you can visit the Mulwi documentation page to find helpful information on how to use the app and its features.

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Q: How can the feed be automatically published to Stileo?

To submit your Shopify store`s product catalog to Stileo, you can create a feed file using the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app. Once the feed file is created, you can upload it to Stileo using any of the supported methods. One way to submit the feed file is by copying the link from the Mulwi app and pasting it into the relevant field in your Stileo merchant account.

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Expand your sales channels

Connect your store to the world's major marketplaces, affiliate marketing networks,
price aggregators, and product comparison sites