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1. Connect your store to Bing Shopping

You are allowed to have multiple stores in one account, but each of them is required to have unique products.


In order to connect your store to Bing Shopping you will need a Microsoft Merchant Center account.


If you have a Google Ads or Facebook Ads account you can use them to export the data into your Microsoft account.

2. Create the product feed

To upload your products to Bing Shopping you need to create and configure the feed.

  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Bing to generate the feed for Bing Shopping. The feed is created in XML format.
  • Fill required fields in General tab section
    • Specify the Gender your products are for (Male, Female, Unisex)
    • Set Translation language and Applied Filters if needed.
  • Configure Google Analytics tab if required
  • Put Feed status to active
  • Press Save to finish and generate feed.
  • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block. You will be pasting this link on Microsoft Merchant Center

You may need to create a product mapping in order to comply with Bing Shopping category requirements. See Data Mapping for details.

You can customize the feed template by clicking Customize Feed and modifying the default XML template. See Bing Shopping product feed specification.

3. Upload the feed to Bing

To start promoting your products on Bing Shopping you need to upload the feed file to its server. The feed URL is fetched once every 24 hours.

  • Select Tools > Microsoft Merchant Center
  • Transfer to your store tab and open the feed tab
  • Select the Feed settings tab
  • Under Feed file set the automatic download and provide the feed file URL
  • Select Save