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1. Connect your store to Facebook

Connecting your store to Facebook is executed through a respective Business Manager account on its platform.


In order to create a business account you need to have a personal Facebook account.

  • Log in to your personal Facebook account

  • Open Meta Business Suite page in your web browser

  • Create a Meta Business Account and provide your contact info


    The name of your business account should start from a capital letter otherwise Facebook will display an error.

2. Create the product feed

Before connecting your store to Facebook you need to create and configure the feed.

  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Facebook to generate the feed for Facebook Dynamic Ad. The feed is created in XML format.
  • Fill required fields in General tab section
    • Set Stock Location
    • Set Translation language and Applied Filters if needed.
    • Configure Google Analytics tab if required
    • Put Feed status to active
    • Press Save to finish and generate feed.
    • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block. You will be pasting this link on Facebook site

If you need customize feed refer to page How to create a product feed for details.


In order to correctly place your products you may need to use Category Mapping. Refer to Facebook product category mapping reference.

3. Upload the feed

Feed uploading to Meta (Facebook) is executed via Commerce Manager.

  • Make a new catalog in Commerce Manager


  • Select Upload product info and give Catalog name


  • On catalog page navigate to Catalog > Data Sources > Data Feed



  • Select a schedule for feed update
  • Confirm settings and upload
  • Review your feed on Overview, Items tabs; change its settings on Settings tab

You may have to wait for the feed to be validated by Meta (Facebook). After processing you may receive a report with recommendations to enhance your feed.