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1. Connect your store to Rakuten

Connecting your store to Rakuten is executed through a respective account on its platform.

Create an account

Register an account

An Rakuten advertiser account is obtained by filling the form. Provide basic info about you, your contact email and phone, your store URL, area of business.

Apply for an account

Merchants have to have a W9 in order to use a Rakuten marketplace. This shopping engine also accepts a W-8 form if a merchant has no USA tax status.

Wait for the Rakuten staff to contact you in order for your account to be launched. Open the Rakuten page and login as Affiliate Advertiser.

Complete your advertiser profile

Fill the profile info

After Rakuten grants you the access to its system and provides you with an advertiser profile, you will need to complete it.


For new users Rakuten gives three weeks to upload their content. Otherwise the account may be suspended. Next try to open the account will be charged financially.

2. Create the product feed

To upload your products to Rakuten network you need to create and configure the feed.

Generate the product feed
  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Rakuten to generate the feed. The feed is created in CSV format.
  • Select General tab
    • Give an internal name for the feed to distinguish it in the list of feeds in your store
    • Provide a unique filename of the exported XML file to be uploaded to Pinterest
    • Set the Gender of your customers
    • Type in the Age group of your customers
    • Configure Product category / collection. Choose a Static Value from a drop-down lost or set a Dynamic Mapping (prior configure Category Mapping)
    • Set Applied Filters if needed (see Filter exported products)
    • Specify Translation language if needed (see Translate the feed)
  • Configure the Google Analytics tab if required
  • Put Feed status to active
  • Press Save
  • Click Generate now
  • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block.

You can add optional columns to your feed by clicking Customize Feed and modifying the default CSV template.

3. Upload the feed to Rakuten

To start promoting your products on Rakuten you need to upload the feed to its server.

Submit the feed
  • Login to your Rakuten account
  • Create Product/Listing
  • Upload and send your feed to a Rakuten manager for validation
  • Provide feed URL to automate the feed update in future