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1. Connect your store to Pinterest

Connecting your store to Pinterest is executed through a business account on its platform. You can convert your personal Pinterest profile to a business account in Pinterest settings.


You can have up to four total (business and personal) accounts on Pinterest.


Product feeds on Pinterest are available in a limited list of countries.

Each business account can contain up to 20 product feeds for product promotion in multiple languages and several currencies.

Register an account

A business account is obtained by registering on Pinterest.

Registering on Pinterest
  • Provide your email
  • Create a password for the account
  • State your age
  • Press Create account button

Pinterest requires several minutes for a business account to be created. You will see a waiting mark on the screen during the process.

Build your profile

Log in to your Pinterest business account and complete your profile

Complete Pinterest account


  • Set your profile name
  • Upload you logo
  • Provide your business or brand name
  • Select whether you have a website
  • Type in your site address
  • Choose your country / region
  • Select your language
  • Give a description of your business
    • Choose the focus of your brand
    • Pick up to 3 business goals
  • Select who you are (blogger, service provider, local retail store or local service, online retail or marketplace, etc.)
  • Select your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • Choose if you are interested in running ads on Pinterest

Claim your website

Prove the your web site ownership

In order to use feeds, Pinterest requires proof of site ownership by placing an HTML tag or HTML file on the store frontend. You can use a Shopify manual for details. Alternatively, the site can be verified via a text in the DNS record.


Each verified site can be connected only to one Pinterest business account.

How to verify a Shopify store on Pinterest via an HTML tag

Pinterest provides several verification options for stores. Using HTML tags may be the simplest.

  • Log in to your Pinterest business account
  • Open the menu in the top-right corner
    • Select Settings.
    • Click Claimed accounts
    • Locate Websites
    • Press Claim


  • Click on the HTML tag to copy it
  • Press Continue


  • Enter your website URL
  • Click Verify
  • Return to your Shopify store
    • Navigate to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code
    • Locate Current theme
    • Click Actions
    • Select Edit code


  • Locate the Layout folder
  • Find the theme.liquid file
  • Paste the Pinterest HTML tag code inside the tags


  • Click Save

The HTML tag can be removed after the site is successfully verified.

2. Create the product feed

Before connecting your store to the Pinterest shopping engine, you need to create and configure the feed.

  • Navigate to Feeds > Add > Pinterest to generate the feed. The feed is created in XML format.
  • Fill required fields in General tab section
  • Configure the Google Analytics tab if required
  • Put Feed status to active
  • Press Save to finish and generate feed.
  • Locate the link to the feed file in the Feed block. You will be pasting this link on Pinterest site

If you need customize feed refer to page How to create a product feed for details.


In order to correctly place your products within Pinterest product categories you may need to use Category Mapping.

You can add optional columns to your feed by clicking Customize Feed and modifying the default XML template.

3. Upload the feed to Pinterest

To start promoting your products on Pinterest, you need to upload the feed to its server.

  • Log in to Pinterest business account

  • Click Ads

  • Press Catalogs

  • Locate New data source and provide the feed details

    • Fill the feed Name
    • Type in the Product feed URL
    • Select the File format for the feed
    • Set Default availability for products
    • Provide Product feed login details if fetching your feed requires using credentials
    • Select the Country/region where your products are sent from.
    • Choose Language of the feed to select the language of the content in your data source. You will not be able to update this later.

    Product feed login details and Language fields cannot be modified later on.

    • Specify Default currency
    • Click on the appropriate Time and Timezone
  • Press Test your feed

  • Paste into Catalogs Feed Debugger the piece of your feed to test it

  • Click Validate feed. Fix any errors that occurred

  • Press Create Pins if the feed has no errors.


Pinterest will send a confirmation email on successful feed submission. You can add an additional product feed when all your current feeds are approved.